Over two months have passed since the NYC BigApps competition opened, and now you can vote for your favorite app!  There Are 85 eligible apps submitted from individuals and small businesses across the country, from New York to California to Washington DC.  Software developers worked hard to make apps that improve life in New York City, and now it’s your turn to spread the word and vote for your favorite.

The panel of judges will be evaluating each app over the next several weeks. Your vote will count toward the two Popular Choice awards. Please spread the word through your social networks about these great apps, vote today, and start using them.


  1. Hot dogs or sausages… they’re just so much better when done on a BBQ, and the smell of them when you walk past a street vendor is so yummy. Every summer there is a neighbourhood garage sale in a part of the city, where everyone sets out a table on their lawn and sells their junk, and it’s a hot dog vendor’s dream. It’s the beginning of summer to me: walking around at yard sales with a hot dog or sausage, cool soda, and dark sunglasses.


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