There are a number of options in NYC if you’re in the mood for a Korean food truck.  Some mix and match Korean, Mexican and other types of food, and some are more traditional – but it can get tricky navigating through all the choices without some help.  For instance, on the side of the Bob & Jo truck it says Korean Fusion Cuisine, but they serve some of the more traditional cuisine of the Korean food trucks.

I really like spicy food, and noticed #4 on the menu, Pork Buns, which had 3 chili peppers next to it and cost $7.  I’ve had pork buns before, and wasn’t sure if 2 would be enough to hold me until dinner, so I also ordered a single galbi baguette for $3.50.  Lunches also come with a small bag of chips.

The pork buns were very interesting.  Soft Chinese-style buns with pork belly, cucumber, jalapeños and Bob & Jo’s “special sauce”.  The special sauce was a chili mayo-type sauce that went well with the pork. The jalapeños provided a nice amount of heat, and the cucumber cooled things down.  Very tasty!

The pork buns were delicious, but I was right about needing a little more food.  Bob & Jo serve several types of baguettes, and you can get 1/2 a baguette for $3.50 or a full baguette for $7.

I went for 1/2 baguette, which was 4″ long.  You can get it with galbi (marinated short ribs), spicy pork or chicken.  The baguettes all come with shredded daikon (radish), carrots and sauce.

The sauce on the galbi baguette was darker and tangier than the sauce on the pork buns.  I would guess either soy sauce or Worcestershnire sauce was added to the sauce to make it darker and tangier.  The baguette bread was a bit chewy, but overall I enjoyed the galbi baguette.

The menu at the Bob & Jo truck is different enough from the other Korean food trucks in town that you can try some new things – like pork buns.  Find Bob & Jo on twitter here, or on our Mobile Munchies twitter feed with lots of other trucks.  Their menu can be found here.