Some NY Street Food Vendors Closing Soon For The Season

Mike N Willies
(credit: NYSF)

Monday is October already, and although we’re not quite there yet, some New York Street Food options will be reduced as the weather cools down. Unlike LA or  Miami, we can have tough winters, with some vendors choosing to close for a few months. Don’t worry, there are still plenty of NY Street Food vendors who work all year.

There are the obvious closings of frozen dessert vendors like Kelvin Slush and the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, who have historically closed for the season with a big Halloween blowout. Keep an eye out for that one! Most frozen dessert vendors are closed by the end of October.

Then there are the savory food vendors.

We know the Rouge Tomate cart is closing for the season on Oct. 14th.

While there aren’t exact dates announced, last year Bistro Truck, Bian Dang, Eddie’s Pizza Truck (but not the cart) and several other vendors closed for a few months during the winter.

As for the food truck lots, WFC is a year-round venture, but LIC & Hudson Sq will be closing down for the season, probably some time in October.

We’ll let you know exact dates as we hear from the vendors. Some start closing up around Thanksgiving, other early December. A lot of it depends upon the weather.

One of the things we like about the cool weather is the return of soups. The New England clam chowder at Luke’s Lobster is awesome, Kimchi Taco Truck came out with a delicious spicy beef soup last winter, and Red Hook Lobster Truck had chowders and bisques too.

Hopefully, that’s only the tip of the iceberg. We can’t wait to see what people come up with this winter!

Luke’s New England clam chowder (credit: NYSF)