We LOVED This Roasted Pepper and Goats Cheese

(credit: NYSF)

You also get drooling when thinking of Roasted Pepper and Goats Cheese? Well, last week we headed around the corner to 55th & Broadway for lunch, not sure if we wanted Korilla or Cinnamon Snail, who both tweeted they were parked on the block that day. To our surprise, the Our Heros truck was parked right between the two.

In mid-October, we were informed by Our Heros they were closing the doors on their truck, but their downtown slider cart would still be open. The owner John told us he didn’t expect to reopen the truck, but something happened that he would not be specific about. Hey, not everything should be public knowledge.

The Our Heros truck is now back as a regular part of the New York Street Food scene, and we had the first item on the day’s menu: grilled chicken, goat cheese & roasted red peppers on a garlic hero for $8. There was also a surprise in our lunch when we got back to the office.

(credit: NYSF)

Taking out this big, heavy sandwich, we noticed a second container in the bag. John had slipped in a cup of pasta fagioli for us to try.

If you’re not familiar with pasta fagioli, it’s an Italian soup with pasta, celery, onions, escarole, black pepper, and a little ground pork sausage.

This was a thick, hearty soup that will carry you through the winter. We would personally like a little less salt, but it was still a pretty good pasta fagioli, and perfect for a cold, breezy day. It costs $3.

(credit: NYSF)

As for the hero, this was one of the better sandwiches we’ve had in a while. The grilled chicken was plentiful and not dried-out, but the real standouts were the Roasted Pepper and Goats Cheese.

The goat cheese was warm and creamy and oozed out with every bite we took. The tang of goat cheese went really well with the roasted red peppers, which were sweet and juicy. (Geez, this sounds more like a porno review than a food review).

Two other touches made this a great hero. A little basil and black pepper was included in the sandwich, rounding out the flavor a bit. The hero roll was also made into garlic bread. We think the world would be a better place if all Italian heros were made with garlic bread. Don’t you?

John told us their twitter and facebook accounts will be changing, and he promised to send us the new info. Unfortunately, it wasn’t received in time for this review, but we will include the new Our Heros twitter account in our Mobile Munchies Twitter feed when it’s received.

Good to have you back, Our Heros.

(credit: NYSF)


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