I got out of the office early today and on the way home, I ran across a new food truck on Hudson & King – The Village Pourhouse.  Yes, the same Village Pourhouse with 3 bars in NYC and 1 in Hoboken.

I’ve heard of food trucks opening restaurants and restaurants opening food trucks, but this is the first time I’ve heard of a bar opening a food truck…and they don’t serve alcohol!

I was told they have only been open since Tuesday, and they don’t even have a twitter account yet.

You could tell they were still getting their act together.  One guy did the cooking and one guy did the order taking and cash, which backed up the line pretty good.

The menu is what you would expect, pub food (sliders, wings, fries, etc), but they didn’t have prices listed or menus available except for one on the side of the truck, which didn’t list prices.

I ordered a few things to bring home, but have to be somewhere later today, so look for my full review on Monday.  Below is one of the items I got – Sweet Chili Wings – to whet your appetite.

Have a great weekend everyone!

UPDATE – 8/1/11

The Village Pourhouse contacted us, and their twitter handle will be @pourhousetruck.  We have added them to our Mobile Munchies twitter feed.