We caught up with Diana from Bian Dang last month, when they returned to the street after winter hibernation.  Diana hinted to me about a new truck they would be coming out with soon, but played coy about the concept.

Now we know – FUN BUNS NYC!  Diana and her brother Thomas debuted Fun Buns NYC last Friday with a stand at the Taiwanese Night Market, where last year’s Vendy Awards Best Dessert Winners, Wooly’s Ice, also came out of hibernation. (BTW, Diana & Thomas were Vendy Award Rookie of the Year Finalists in 2009 as NYC Cravings, the precursor to Bian Dang.)

Serious Eats had a writeup and some photos of the event, including this photo of a Fun Bun.

(credit: Serious Eats NY)

The Fun Buns truck has been sneaking out onto the street for some test runs this week, but have not tweeted locations yet.  If you see the truck, please let us know where.

So far the website is just the logo.  Their twitter is here, and we have added Fun Buns to our Mobile Munchies feed, but are still waiting for them to tweet locations.

Congratulations to Diana and Thomas on their new Fun Buns NYC truck.  Can’t wait to try it.



  1. Found them! Tonight, 4/17, they are on the corner of president and 4th in park slope. Right next to the union street station. Guy said they would be there a few nights a week. And its just the two of them so they wont be out every night.

    Website owners: I have a pic of the menu if you contact me.


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