No, not that Cleveland

Taking a step into the big, bad future, the city of Cleveland is going to allow mobile food carts in downtown and around Cleveland State and Case Western Reserve University.  The deadline for initial applications will be February 22nd.

Monsieur Anton:  Sweet!  Cleveland is going to have street food just like a real city.  I just hope that the carts are well monitored and reflect a diversity of culinary ethnicity and quality.  Hot dog carts are fine and well, but think of the options that downtown workers and students can have if this program is done right.

Chef Gusteau: Sounds like fun! Also could be very scary…ever walk around Payne/Superior and 30th?  No cart food for me please.  But, when monitored like Chicago, New York or Boston Commons, street food can be wonderful!  I can see Anton pushing a cart around yelling for customers…beware! [ At The Pass]