We thought we’ve seen every kind of hot dog truck imaginable.  Guess not.

On Thurs & Fri (July 28-29), the Trojan “Good Vibrations” truck will be traveling around Manhattan and Brooklyn  to promote sexual health awareness by showcasing Trojan’s line of vibrators.  They will be parking outside of popular bars and nightlife establishments alongside actual food trucks.

The truck will be handing out free Trojan Her Pleasure condoms and giving away Trojan Vibrating Rings.  They’ll also be offering the first five “pleasure-seekers” to check in on Facebook the chance to win a Trojan vibrator.

And in an effort to connect with people, they’re busting out the iPads and letting people take a “What’s Your Vibe” quiz, which they say will match participants with their perfect Trojan Vibrations product.

Some of the truck stops include Off the Wagon near Washington Square Park and The Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn. The truck will be wrapping up its New York road trip at the tip of Long Island in Montauk on Saturday.

If they park next to a hot dog truck, let’s hope there’s not too much confusion among drunk revelers either looking for a late night snack or a quickie!