Occupy Wall Street was born out of a legitimate frustration with the collusion between Big Business and elected officials of the U.S. government.  Nowhere is that collusion so great as in food and agricultural production.

Four corporations control 84% of beef packing and 66% of pork production, and one company (Monsanto) controls more than 93% of soybeans and 80% of corn grown in the U.S.

One of the reasons street food is so popular is because it is a reaction against the mass-produced, fast-food culture that has taken over much of America – and the world.

Click through for information on the Farmer’s March, as well as how you can get involved in the fight for healthier food if you want to.

The Occupy Wall Street Farmer’s March took place yesterday at Zuccotti Park with a lineup of farmers and food reform speakers who spoke out against the abuse of corporate power and how it impacts our food supply.

Speakers included:
Jim Gerritsen – Maine based farmer who was named one of 20 world visionaries by Utne Reader in 2011 and is the lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit against Monsanto.
Karen Washington – Founder of City Farms Market and board member at NYC based organization “Just Food”
Severine von Tscharner –  Food advocate and producer of the film “Green Horns”, profiling young farmer entrepreneurs.
Jalal Sabur – Founding member of the Freedom Food Alliance and advocate working on the alliance of black urban communities with black rural farmers.
Andrew Faust – World renowned permaculture expert and educator.

For more information on this issue, check out the Food Democracy Now! website here.