New Map
Just a screen shot. Click on map to the right.

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new map on the New York Street Food website!  Now you can find the best street food in your area or search for a specific type of cuisine.  The map also includes our Mobile Munchies twitter feed so you can easily find the food trucks that move around every day and are not on the map.

The new map was developed by, a NYC start up that specializes in developing mobile and web-based mapping applications.  Visit their website ( to check out their work, or email if you need a mapping application, or would just like to know more about them.  We would especially like to thank Josh for all the work he put into the map.

Our previous Google map had over 60,000 views, so if you would like to advertise on the new map, please email

We also ask if you find something on the map that doesn’t work as it should, please email with a short description of the problem.

Now, as they say in Italy, MANGIA!