Grilled Mackerel 2
Num Pang Grilled Mackerel

Miche and her friends had a banh mi taste-off and posted the results over at Midtown Lunch.  There was no clear-cut winner, but there were some favorites – Banh Mi So 1 and Sau Voi for the cold cuts, An Choi for the crispy pork belly, and Nicky’s for the grilled pork.  Most of the places are in the Chinatown area, but I see they included Num Pang, one of my favorite places in the Village. [Midtown Lunch]

Just today, I had Num Pang’s five spice glazed pork belly with Asian pear for lunch.  I also love their grilled king mackerel with leeks and thai basil infused olive oil, pictured above.


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