9 Tips For Grilling In The Winter

winter grilling

Planning for some delicious and fun grilling in the winter? Well, as 2020 is nearing the end, we are all waiting to welcome a new year with bated breath, hoping to get away from this disaster of a year. While you might not feel like gathering your family and having a fun wintertime grilling, it might give you some much-needed relief from all the chaos.

After all, nothing could warm your soul in the cold, biting winter than enjoying a grilled burger and smoky ribs. So, if you have a grill at your home, take it out and plan some mouthwatering grilling for this winter. Here we have put together some tips so you can perfectly gear up for your wintertime grilling.

9 Tips For Grilling In The Winter

1. Move Your Grill Area Closer to the House

This must be a no brainer for you; the closer your grill set up is to your house, the less you have to move outside. If you have your grill set up closer to the house you will have better access to check up on it. Make sure you find a place that is safe from a sudden gust of wind.

However, don’t ever think of grilling inside the garage or other enclosed area; you wouldn’t freeze to death but you might choke on smoke, or worst, get the house on fire. Grilling under the porch or shade is also not an option as it poses the same threat.

2. Don’t Forget to Warm Up Your Grill In Advance

Don’t make the mistake of starting your grill just in the nick of time, you will be waiting forever in the cold to get your grill heated. Wintertime grilling can be a long-drawn-out process.

Considering the drop in temperature it is fairly acceptable. However, you can cut your grilling time by preparing your grill set up in advance; so that it stays nice and warm for your actual grilling.

If you keep your grill outside, make sure it didn’t develop any leakage or frozen solid. Have enough time to thaw all the parts. Whether you want to entertain friends or family, you wouldn’t want to deal with a damaged grill after you have invited them over.

3. Make Sure You Have Enough Fuel

As the mercury drops, it is rather hard to get a consistent temperature and heat going for your grill. The bad thing about winter is, you would need more fuel for your grilling than regular time; maybe even double, depending on the cold.

To avoid a drop in heat, you need a fair amount of fuel reserve on hand- either propane or gas. If you are thinking about using wood, you better ditch that idea; you wouldn’t want to move back and forth from indoor to outdoor in the chilly winter, just to check on how your wood is burning.

4. Try to Keep the Lid Closed

Turning over the grilled items over an open fire and checking it from time to time could be the most fun part for a griller. But you might have to resist yourself in winter, as you need a closed lid strategy to preserve heat.

Instead of hovering around the grill and turning them over and over again, keep the lid on and turn it just when you need. Otherwise, you might end up with an uncooked meal or a long tedious grilling experience.

5. Find a Recipe That Is Apt for the Weather

Winter grilling is all about celebrating the atmosphere. What better way to enjoy the chill than to indulge in some spicy grilled meat, or better yet a steaming bowl of chili with grilled meat floating in it? 

There is no harm in putting extra spices while you marinate the meat for grilling. You can also prepare some winter favorite side dish to go with your grilled items; maybe some stuffed paper or baked potatoes?

grilling in the winter6. Use Ceramic Cookware to Trap the Heat in

Grilled foods can get cold faster in winter. If you are not a fan of cold meat or burgers, make sure you use a ceramic pot to preserve the grilled item. Ceramic can heat up easily and trap the heat for a long time. Ceramic pots can also infuse the heat evenly inside the food, without altering the taste of the food.

When you are taking the food inside from the grill, use a ceramic pot, this will not let the heat out. Moreover, you can even use a ceramic grill pan directly over the open fire.

7. Try Smoking Method

The smoked flavored grill is perfect for winter. Although smoking is a time-consuming process, the result will be rewarding enough to try. After all, who wouldn’t want to make pulled pork or brisket right in the backyard? You can try using a thermal blanket to cut the fuel used for smoking.

8. Don’t Forget to Put Safety First

Safety for wintertime grilling can’t be stressed enough. As the air loses its humidity and everything becomes dry, even the slightest negligence can turn into a catastrophe. Here are some safety precautions for winter grilling:

    •         Use grilling gloves, your snow gloves aren’t cut out for the job.
    •         Keep a fire extinguisher handy.
    •         Tuck your scarf under the coat, so it can’t get into the fire.
    •         Avoid grilling near elements that can burn easily.

9. Grilling In Snow

You have to be extra cautious when you are grilling in the snow. Here are some tips:

    •         Shovel snows from the place you want to grill, make sure nobody slips on the snow
    •         Provide adequate exterior light if you are grilling at night
    •         Layer yourself up against the frigid air
    •         Have a wireless thermometer handy to monitor the grill temperature from the comfort of your home

On a final note, winter grilling can be a fun activity to shake out the gloomy atmosphere. The experience is entirely different from summertime grilling. If you are not confident enough about winter grilling, stick to grilling something you are comfortable with and less time-consuming.

Make sure you follow all the safety measures and you will be good to go. Don’t forget to properly store your grill setup after you finish grilling. And now that you have all the winter grilling tips at your disposal, it’s time to come out of your hibernation and brave the cold!