Bapcha (49th St bet 6th & 7th Ave)

It’s not very nice out, but there are still plenty of options for great New York Street Food from the vendors on the right and the trucks below.

As always, check the Mobile Munchies twitter feed before heading out, in case anyone had to move at the last minute.

KimchiTruck Good morning Midtown! Lunch today 55th St. in the MIDDLE of 6th & 7th ave. 11:30-2:30.

CoolhausNY #HappyHumpDay! You need some effin ice cream! T2 @Bwog @CU_Spectator 118th/Broadway 12-5. Sammies, mason jars, hot choc, @bluebottlenyc. PW for $1 off 1 sammie: HO HO HO, make us a Santa Holiday Card and we’ll stuff your stocking with a $5 sammie. Tis the season to be COOL!

EddiesPizzaNY Today we are on 46th btwn 5th/6th. We’ve got an arugula pizza w/ricotta, artichoke hearts and truffle oil
bigdsgrub It’s SoHo day today! See ya at Hudson and W. Houston for lunch today!
biandangnyc Coenties slip and water from 11:30-2pm! Truck is closing up for the month of Jan and Feb!
cakeandshake OOH What a wonderful rainy day in NY! Perfect weather for a Hot Coco made in Cake&Shake!!
morristruckMorrisGrilledCheese Morning @DumboNYC. On Pearl and Front from 11:30-3. Come get our new roasted broccoli sandwich with calabrian chili mayo, and lemon. See ya!
fritesnmeats Hey soho peeps, lunch 2day @ Hudson & king burger of the week THE SMITHLAND preorder 9172929226 #mobilesecret

RickshawTruckRain rain rain. Put on your galoshes and stop by! 50&6 and 57 just west of 6ave!

schnitznthings We’ll be parked on 27th street and park ave on the cornerRT @TwittsMcGee: @schnitznthings what street will you be parked on?
Palenquefood Midtown lunch!!! We are in the corner of 51st and Park Ave!!!! Special Colombian desert : Bocadillo con queso” after a delicious arepa!!!
LukesLobsterNY Hey hey, 23rd and Park ave. come see us till 3pm!
CrispOnWheels Located on 51st between Park n Madison. We have the Casablaca today,babganouch,crispy eggplant, falafel, Moroccan …
Mexicue 18th and 5th today! One of the perils on the truck is the very real chance of dropping a loaded BBQ sauce bomb. #tastydangerousschrapnel
Frying_Dutchmen alert! We are on the way to 47th and park! But, due to extreme grid lock, we wont be open until noon for lunch
ChefsamirtruckComme Ci, Comme Ça is on 52nd St @ Park Ave today!
UncleGussys Hello world :))
NowEatThisTruck We r at 395 Hudson St /Clarkson St getting ready 4 a terrific lunch service. Meatballs, enchiladas, stir fry, cupcakes all under 350 cals.
KorillaBBQ FiDi and Columbia today! See u around 11:30!
waffletruckDe Wafel Truck is out sick but will be on Hanover Square for afternoon snacks, we will keep you updated! De Bierbeek is on Columbus Circle by TimeWarner Center until 10:01. De Goesting is on 40th & 8th Ave by NYTimes building until 7:00. Wafel Wednesday is here! Congratulate Belgium on its new government for 1 free dinges!
gcnyc1 Gorilla Cheese NYC Happy Hump day – we’ll be at 48 & 3 from 11-3 to help u get over the hump. Astor & Lafayette from4:30-9ish. Big love 4 chorizo melt!
ETRAVAGANZA Chicken, skirt steak, chorizo fresco quesadillas@ 52 n park
TheTacoTruck Today the truck will be in Newark for lunch and Hamilton Park for dinner;)
TwoPitasInAPod Newark lunch today. Ancho Chile chicken specials will be checked in onboard with all other luggage.


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