Jianetto’s Pizza Truck

Another cold, sunny winter day.  Warm up with some great New York Street Food.

As always, check the Mobile Munchies twitter feed before heading out, in case anyone had to move at the last minute.

Mexicue 45th and 6th – 11:30
KorillaBBQ Tuesdays at SoHo Varick and Vandam 11:45-2:30 See you there!
SweeteryNYC Columbia U, Sweetery is now open, Broadway btw 115/116th St. Would u like a free whoopie pie, check this specl deal out.
schnitznthings Morning guys, we’ll b on 46th b/w 5th & 6th today from 11:30-2. We’re co-hosting our first ever @foodspotting EatUp at 12:00. Hope to c u:)
UncleGussys Kalimera good morning, And all that good stuff. Currently cooking on 51 st and park. Serving up the best Greek dishes known to mankind 🙂 Today’s special dish is moms delicious lamb chops, served with Greek salad and lemon potatoes. We are also serving afgolemono soup. Chicken orzo, lemon, fresh and tasty.
CupcakeStop CupcakeStop Truck is on 7th and 29th today. Stop by and indulge!
Comme Ci, Comme Ça is on 38th St @ Broadway today! Dessert: Crème Brûlée $4. Don’t wait in line!!!! Place your order over the phone and pick it up!

TaimMobile Hudson and King today w black olive Falafel for special and corn jalapenjo soup! Come early to not experience big line.

feedyourhole Hey everyone… Were parked on Park Ave between 29th and 30th…We hope you all are having a bomb day!!!
cupcakecrewnyc Tues 2/15 Cupcakecrew parked on Park Ave & E26th St with 8 off the hook flavors..Come warm up with a Cuppy! Todays flavors:Red Vel,Root Beer Float,Choc Orange,Triple Choc(dark,white,milk)Raspberry & Cream,Milk Choc Banana,Lemon Meringue & Van Swirl
bigdsgrub 2/15 (Tues) G’mornin! We will be on 40th Street at Lexington Avenue between 11:30am until 3pm today!
EddiesPizzaNY 52nd and 6th till 3pm. Call ahead your order 9174397522
fritesnmeats Lunch today @ park av & 52nd burger of the week THE GRAND (grassfed angus patty with marinated sliced roast beef oven roast tomatoes & mozzarella cheese homemade gravy cream). Killa soup of the day BEEF SOUP & our home made jumbo walnut chocolate chip cookies for dessert for only $2.00 preorder 9172929226
RickshawTruck We are coming to Rock today! What the quack!?!?!? Loading up the trucks. Did I just see Peking Duck Dumplings go on board?! Woohoo!
waffletruck Happy Tuesday! Le spot du jour for Le Truck is 52 btwn 3 & Lex til 4:36pm. Oh fine, carts too. The Goesting is on 60 & Columbus. The Vedette will, as always, be on 60 & 5 starting a little late. Both til 4:63pm. Order like a supervillain for 1 free dinges. MWAHAHAHA!!!
PapaPerrone 55th Btwn Park&Mad. Calzone w/cheese or w/meatball or pepperoni. Baked ziti,riceballs,meatball parm,chik parm. 11:30 to 2:30
SweeteryNYC Columbia U, we’ll b open by 10a.
joyridetruck 26th & Park, we’re back! Come get your am @stumptowncoffee on! We’ll be around until 6pm.
Hoboken/Jersey City
TheKrave Tuesday – 12:00-2:00 Hudson and Harborside Pl. 5:30-8:30 Columbus and Marin
VeganLunchTruck Anyone want to try a new experimental donut? Funk and Standard in Red Bank has our Chocolate Truffle Donuts…