Magdy's Cart (NE corner of 45th St & 6th Ave)
Magdy’s Cart (NE corner of 46th St & Park Ave)

It’s a beautiful day for some great New York Street Food.  Most of the trucks are out, but if you want dessert, Street Sweets, Joyride and Cake & Shake are not out today, but will be back tomorrow.  For dessert today, it will have to be Wafels & Dinges or Cupcake Stop.

As always, check our pink Mobile Munchies twitter feed before heading out for the most up-to-date information.

KorillaBBQ 46th and 7th yayerzzz! Will be ready by 11:15.
MalaysiaKitchn NYC friends, check out today’s free samples menu from LAUT! Laut just received a NYC 2011 Michelin star. Today’s your chance to try free from our truck! At U.Sq. West/15th starting at 11:30am.
UncleGussys Goodmorning everyone We are ready to do this!!!! Chicken is grilling. Gyro is spinning, johny is cookin it up
nyccravings 50th btw 6th & 7th! Ready by 11:10!
CupcakeStop CupcakeStop Trucks on 5th and 20th and 5th and 15th today (sorry typical Monday locations, we have a little event today).  Red Velvet, Oreo, Vanilla Chocolate, Vanilla Chip, Chocolate Mint, Peanut Butter Cup, Starry Night, French Toast w/Bacon and Carrot Cake!
RickshawTruck Monday 11/1: Dumbo: Washington + Front as well as at Grand Central: 41st bet Lex + 3av. Get psyched for D-U-M-P-L-I-N-G-S 11a-3p
souvlakitruck Yesterday was our 3rd month birthday. Feels like truck time to human time is about 10-1! Back to our weekday nest on 21st & 6th at 12pm.
EddiesPizzaNY 26th btwn 11th/12th. We have Pesto Pizza plus meatball and chicken parm heroes! Here till 3pm then off to 32nd and 3rd.
waffletruck Happy Monday. Truck’s at Columbia today, Broadway &114th. Free dinges if you tell us why the rent is so damn high.  Mini-wafel-trucks: Goesting at Hudson & King, Vedette at Central Park. Holy cow – tweet #5000 – didn’t see that one coming!
fritesnmeats Good morning midtown! Lunch today @46st b/t 5th&6av burger of the week THE BYMARK! Moms world famous soup and dessert treats today! worlds famous home made dessert CINNAMON RICE PUTING

quickstopkosher Getting ready for the lunch craze!! Bnh area!! Waffles and falafels!! Call 212 6746666 for free delivery in the area!!

StreetSweets We r sorry 2 disappoint however Street Sweets will not b out today, we r preparing 4 a large private event tonight. We’ll b back @ it on Tue
cakeandshake Baking today…see you tomorrow at both locations!
joyridetruck Joyride Truck is closed today, but will be back on the road tomorrow at 26th & Park.
Hoboken/Jersey City
TheKrave Schedule – Hudson and Harborside Pl. 12:15-2:00 Columbus and Marin. 5:30-9:00

qbacubankitchen Special event today at MHS! Regular service cancelled. See you tomorrow!