Tony Dragonas' cart (Madison & 62nd)
Tony Dragonas’ cart (Madison & 62nd St)

Yesss! It’s a beautiful day outside. Perfect for enjoying some great New York Street Food from the vendors on the right and the trucks below.

We’ve added A-Pou’s Taste to the Mobile Munchies list – the 2010 Vendy Award finalist in the Rookie of the Year category. They have added a 2nd cart that will be on 72nd & Broadway starting at 4pm weekdays. Check them out for a late lunch or dinner.

Don’t go looking for Joyride or Quick Stop Kosher. They will not be out today.

As always, make sure to check the pink Mobile Munchies twitter feed on our homepage before heading out. You never know if a vendor had to move at the last minute.

Apouspotsticker – 72nd and Broadway we’re trying this location with our second cart starting at 4:00 pm weekdays. See you there!!

BistroTruck – Special: Couscous Royal(lamb, Chicken, merguez & veggies over couscous & salad), Merguez tacos, Dessert: creme brûlée. Sorry no soup today. Preorder at 800-290-4924 . We just finished the Good Day New York segment Live on Fox. Watch and learn how to make Lamb cigars. Had a lot of…

EddiesPizzaNY – we are on PARK between 25 and 26th today. one block from our normal spot. Its your day to shine. Along w our eggplant ricotta special we have basil, chicken cutlet and sun dried tomatoes as well!

waffletruck – People on 52nd, we’re down the block today, North side of the street, closer to 6th.

Mexicue – 23rd St & Park Ave today. Come get the goodness starting at 11 am!

CupcakeStop – Find the CupcakeStop trucks on 99th and Madison and 7th and 29th today since they’ll be closed tomorrow for the holiday!

2 new tweets.

qbacubankitchen – Lunch will be served in midtown. Headed to 44th near 5th ave. ETA 20 minutes. today’s special Enchilado de Camaron- Savory Shrimp w/peppers & spanish onions over bed of rice.

RickshawTruck – Post-Storm Dumplings! Midtown West: 45th + 6av and also at Chelsea: 15th + 9av. Don’t get mad, get steamed….dumplings.

fritesnmeats – Howdy FiDi! Happy post tornado Friday! Were on Water & Broad today! Burger Love will keep all natural disasters away! Great day for The Italian Job, or the Angus Skirt Steak Sandwich, & of course dont forget our killer Chili Cheese Fries or Fries w/Caponata! Preorders 917.292.9226
schnitzeltruck – Morning 52nd & lex.. We’re coming through with a tornado of vealification today! So come getcha some! 11:30-2. Preorder 347-772-7341
waffletruck – Welcome to Friday midtown! We are on 52 btwn 6 & 7 until 4:28 this afternoon. Order like Animal from the Muppets for 1 free dinges.
StreetSweets – Gd morning. Street Sweets is in location @ Park Av btw 52/53st until 4p. We will b making a special appearance @ JP Morgan 47St & Vanderbilt Av @ 4:20 for one hr.

cakeandshake – Yummy Nut, Warm Glow, Moon Cake, Cup O’ Joe, and Heaven Split are all available today at the Met and WSP!


joyridetruck – Joyride is taking the day off to catch up on office work. We’ll be back Saturday on the UWS.
quickstopkosher – is unfortunately going to be closed!! Hope you all have a git gebensht yur and an easy fast!!! back and running next week!!!
Hoboken/Jersey City

VeganLunchTruck – The snail is parked on Sinatra and 1st In Hoboken. Smores donuts are back, & raunchy as ever! Call ahead 201-675-3755



  1. Hey!

    I’m from Toronto, Canada and I’ll be heading down to NYC with my gf on Oct 1st weekend – it’ll be her first time there.

    I’m curious to know, if you had one last street food meal, which vendor would it be?

    Much appreciated!


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