Mobile Munchies for Fri, May 17th

DUB Pies
Manos Peruanos (credit: NYSF)

Another gorgeous day. Getting ready for the weekend, and enjoying great New York Street Food from the vendors on the right and the trucks below.

As always, check the Mobile Munchies twitter feed before heading out, in case anyone had to move at the last minute.

Hibachi Heaven ‏@dumbolot spread the word HH2 is on newdock st today for #BrooklynHalf marathon pre party. Word of the day is “running” for ur free upgrade.

DUMBO Lot ‏We made it guys #EDCNY #FRYDAY!! stay hydrated and catch some @FishingShrimp @mamuthainoodle and @Palenquefood! #rageonafulltummy #plur
Coolhaus NY ‏Correction! Mind our mistake but we will be at USQ in front Trader Joes from 11-5! Secret password of the day is Hawkins Architecture , drop the word and receive $1 off 2 sammies.
Domo Taco ‏38th and broadway for lunch…ready at 11:30!!!
Crafflesnyc ‏Our carts are at 116th st / broadway and on Columbus Circle.
eggstravaganza ‏TGIF my friends! Grab a bite on the go.plenty chorizo fresco & carne asada,see you @ lunch!
Gorilla Cheese NYC ‏46 5/6 – #Cometothecheeseyo. … #midtownlunch #grilledcheese Shrimp melts most
The Munchie Mobile ‏Finally, it’s Friday! I know I’m having a dank burger today. Come get one on 17th and 5th!
Comme Ci, Comme Ça ‏is on 36th St @ Broadway today! We have FREE WI-FI! WE NOW ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS!
Phil’s Steaks ‏Aw yea Phil’s Phriday is here! Lil Jawn is on 47 btw park n mad phrum 11-2. Then off to BK for the Living Social Beer Fest tonight!!!!
Nauti Mobile ‏CHANGE OF LOCATION : we are now on 46th and Vanderbilt. It is still bill Paxton’s Birthday.
BobJo Truck ‏Wow. It’s so beautiful outside today. Wonderful weather! We’re at Varicks & Kings today and scheduled to open around 11:30. See ya later!
Pago ‏Goodmorning…so it looks like peanut butter was our flavor of the week…stop by and try some 51st and park allday!!!
Frites’n’Meats ‏Hello FIDI. Lunch 2day @ 7 Hanover sq b/t water & pearl st. Burger of the week THE SICILIAN preorder 9172929226
BP Food Trucks ‏TGIF & TG for food trucks! @MorrisTruck @SchnitznThings @toumnyc @Mexicue & @BigDsGrub are at @BrookfieldPlNY today! (N. End/Vesey, 11a-3p.)
BIAN DANG ‏#tgif 53rd and park for #taiwanese #lunch. no parking available at our usual spot. 🙁 it’s not that bad of a walk…right?
Uncle Gussy’s ‏GOodMorning We have been relocated across the street There filming Royal Pains and they are all a bunch of Royal pains