Mobile Munchies for Fri, June 28th

(credit: NYSF)
(credit: NYSF)

Should be a nice day for getting outside and enjoying great New York Street Food from the vendors on the right and the trucks below.

Luke’s Lobster truck has $10 Lobster Rolls again, this time around the corner from their usual Friday spot on 47th & Park.

Cupcake Crew is back today in Dumbo after spending some time off with his new baby. Congratulations again Frankie.

As always, check our Mobile Munchies twitter feed before heading out, in case anyone had to move at the last minute.


Nauti Mobile ‏Listen up! These 10$ lobster rolls will be ready to go at 11, but we are right around the corner from our usual spot. 47th and PARK.

Cupcake CrewYo Bklyn what up! The crew is back at it grinding out some tasty treats parked in Dumbo on Prospect st & Cadman Plaza(E)@Bklyn bridge walkwy

Taïm MobileTaim is back on Varick/Vandam for #FalafelFriday with falafel, fresh fruit smoothies, and French fries. We’re looking at you #wework. We got Red Beet we got Red Beet we got Red Beet. Yeah, we got Red Beet. Falafel. Its the special…you get the point.


Kimchi TacoRunning a little behind today. Headed to 52nd & 6th ave. Start 11:45ish-2:30pm

BIAN DANG#tgif 53rd/park for #taiwanese #food. #comegetsome #midtown #nyc from 11:30-2:30!

Frites’n’MeatsHello FIDI, lunch 2day @ 7 Hanover sq b/t water & pearl. Burger of the week THE SMITHLAND preorder 9172929226

The Steel CartAll Hail the Great Lunch Pail!!! 47th & Madison.

RedHookLobsterTruckFinally Friday! Celebrate with a lobster roll! Big Red is at 46th and 6th today. See you there! #crustaceanelation

Toum NYCWhat better way to spend #FalafelFridays then with us at the WFC lot on North End & Vesey St. #FoodTruckFriday @BrookfieldPLNY @DispatchNY

DiSO’SFlatiron Fridays! Happy Friday everyone.. Lemme get a sangwich! 23rd and 5th.. Ciao

BobJo TruckGood morning, everyone! BobJo is here at our usual Friday spot at Varick & King st.

The Cinnamon SnailParked on 47th and park from 9:00 until 3:00 We have french lentil burger with fried artichokes, rainbow micro…

mausamnycHave last meal of june vth curry n bites at 47th & park ave. Serving lunch till 2 pm. Then heading to private event

Carpe Donut NYC55/broadway #randomhouse donuts and organic coffees!

Toast MonsterFor freedom finds Fridays. All animals are animals again. Celebrate with Toast Monster on 50th st and 6th.

DUMBO LotY’all ready for this?! @FishingShrimp @mamuthainoodle and @Palenquefood servin on jay and water today!

Wafels & DingesKotmadam @ Great Lawn in Central Park till 8pm Pagadder @ Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall Park till 9pm. Goesting @ Bway & 66th till 9pm Bierbeek @ Bway & 72nd till 9pm Vedette @ 60th & 5th till 8pm. Momma Truck is at Varick & King till 4:31pm Kastaar Truck is at 40th & Park till 4:29pm. For one free dinges dress in the colors of the Belgian flag

ValduccisHey Starrett Lehigh! @Valduccis is here today! 26th & 11th! Come and get it!!! #Friday #Pizza #Zeppole Fishing ShrimpHey #bk you’ve missed us? Rolling back to #DUMBO today at the lot on jay & water st!

OldTraditionalPolishWe are at Brookfield today- south end ave!!! Ready at 11:30!

Phil’s SteaksAnother phantastic Phil’s Phriday is here. Lil Jawn is on 47 btw Park n Mad 11-2. Come on out and get your Phil!

BP Food TrucksToday, 6/28, at @BrookfieldPlNY NORTH: @MorrisTruck @BigDsGrub @Mexicue @SchnitznThings @ToumNYC (N. End Ave./Vesey, 11-3.)

BP Food TrucksToday, 6/28/13, at @BrookfieldPlNY SOUTH Lot: @PolishCuisine & @TacoBite (S. End Ave./Liberty St., 11a-3pm.) #TGIF #BPC

Neapolitan Express We’re out and ready to serve! Come get some delicious #pizza at #52nd & #Park! #NYC #Food #Lunch

Momos & Buns#Soho Charlton & Varick, get u’r fill of the momos & buns 2day 11-3pm, we are out next week getting some sun n sand!

Mexico Blvd.¡Hola NYC! We are serving lunch in Midtown today as usual (46th & 6th) until 3, and then will be serving dinner on Pier 26 from 7-10 PM 🙂

Shortys NYCLunch is at NYU Hospital–1st Ave btw 32nd & 33rd

PalenqueGoooood morning, even rainy day are beautiful in dumbo, we hope see you later , water st & jay st .

TheTreatsTruck!!! Fri, June 28th 11:30-3:30 45th & 6th, then 4:30-7pm 18th & 7th ave!!!

The PocketfulLocated on 49th between 6th and 7th. Online at

Coolhaus NYHey NY! We will be at 53/Park 12-4pm, LENT food truck lot (Varrick/Grand/6th) 12-3, and carts at CPW/80 11-6 #TreatYoSelfFridays. Password of the day is: Cadet Chapel for $1 off 2 ice cream sammies!

La Bella TorteHeaded to comic con wizard world pier 36 @DispatchNY #italiandesserttruck

Gorilla Cheese NYC G2 Rockin the cheese on 46th 5/6….. G1 Rockin it at @WizardWorld @ComicCon Pier 36 299 south st. #ComeToTheCheeseYo….

ParisSandwichMidtown! Our truck will be on 47th and Vanderbilt today

funbunsnycTgif ! Come by and celebrate with some funbuns on 48th btwn 6th and 7th ave!

Carl’s SteaksHappy Friday back at Broadway/55th st 11-2 then off to @WizardWorld at Pier36 4-8 so get your geek on and come down and grab a cheesesteak

Fresh and HeartyCome & Start Your Weekend with Fresh and Hearty Soups, Salads & Paninis. We parked on Broadway btw 55 & 56 St.

Miami Food MachineToday we are on Varick st and Charlton St from 10:30 to 2:30! #miamifoodmachine

MacTruckPoached egg with truffle oil would be boss. Parm and crumbs too


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