What Should You Check When Buying a Cheese Knife

cheese knife
Photo by Cody Pulliam on Unsplash.com

A cheese knife is an essential tool for cutting and serving cheese. It is a special utensil, typically used to serve soft cheeses. 

Although it seems like an unimportant element of tableware, several criteria should be considered when buying one. So if you’re thinking of buying a knife to cut cheese, consider these aspects before making your purchase.


When looking for a cheese knife, its sharpness is the first criterion to consider. A sharp knife requires much less effort and guarantees a clean cut without damaging the cheese, resulting in spoiling it.

A dull or even rusted knife might not only tear the cheese but also ruin it by introducing bacteria into its layers.


The knife blade should be made of high-quality stainless steel. The blade should be made of stainless steel, as it represents an element that comes into contact with food and does not rust or alter its taste. It must go through a unique tempering process that creates an alloy of carbon and iron. This alloy adds strength to the stainless steel while still keeping its sharpness.

A good cheese knife is also mildly flexible some flexibility is required when cutting soft cheese, but not too much, as that would make the knife bend upon cutting.


The most common shape for cheese knives is a simple blade with a round tang attached. This way, you can hold pressure on your fingertips, making cutting easier. Also, the handle material affects how well you can cut with the knife.

Wood handles are popular because they are aesthetically pleasing and durable, but you should be careful about moisture absorption from washing the knife. Carefully consider what kind of material your cheese knives’ handle is made from before buying them, as this could influence your kitchen hygiene greatly.


When looking for the right cheese knife, it is also important to inspect its shaft. The shape of the shaft is up to your personal preference. It should be made of quality steel that undergoes a unique tempering process.

You’ll need to consider the varieties of cheese you’re going to be cutting, as some knives are better suited for particular types. If you want a knife that works for several different cheese varieties, look for one with a narrow blade and a rounded tip.


Some cheese knives also come equipped with tools that help the user cut certain types of cheese. These include prongs for hard cheeses, holes for soft cheeses, or grooves to use as a wire for softer varieties. Before buying your knife, consider if it comes with any extra features like these and whether they are suitable for your needs.

For example, when cutting brie with a knife that already has holes in the blade for soft cheese, you might break and tear the cheese and ruin its taste and texture. A good knife should cut all sorts of cheeses without additional help from other devices.

The size of your hand also affects how you hold a knife. If you have small hands, avoid a handle that is too large for your hand, as this will make it difficult to hold the knife tightly enough to cut well.

So, a knife to cut cheese can be found in many different designs, but they are usually more or less the same. When buying a cheese knife, the most crucial aspect is its sharpness and flexibility. 


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