19 Ideas For Keeping a Perpetually Clean Kitchen

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Keeping a restaurant kitchen perpetually clean is the number one step to producing clean and delicious food and reducing consumers’ chances of contracting diet-related illnesses. Commercial Restaurants should use reputable suppliers for their cleaning stuff, such as Commercial Restaurant Equipment & Supply Kitchenall

Dining in an unclean place is no one’s wish. A commercial kitchen should be cleaned regularly and kept clean. Due to the many operational sections and appliances that require cleaning, sometimes some places are forgotten and left in unhygienic conditions. Commercial kitchen cleaning requires one to have a Restaurant Cleaning Checklist that outlines the daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning requirements.

The following article explains some basic things that one needs to do to keep a restaurant kitchen in perpetually clean condition.

1. Clean the Kitchen While In Use

Cleaning while using the kitchen is an easy and convenient way to ensure that the kitchen stays clean. For instance, when preparing food, one needs a separate bowl to put in the peeling, cut-off, and scraps instead of letting them litter the whole countertop. 

2. Clean the Kitchen Floor Regularly

A greasy kitchen floor is a recipe for accidents in the kitchen that have seen many ends up with fractured arms and limbs. The best way to ensure no kitchen accidents is to keep the kitchen floor free from grease or slippery fallen ingredients.

The trash bin is the best way to dispose of litter and other dirt and having a dirty trash can causes the kitchen to get smelly and invite insects and rodents. Cleaning it immediately after emptying alleviates the chances of odor from the trash can. 

3. Clean the Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks are to clean some food preparation utensils and fruits and vegetables. Dirty sinks can be a great source of food contamination and hence need to be well-scrubbed and disinfected after use.

4. Keep the Kitchen Clean & Organized

An organized kitchen makes it easy to locate and access stuff needed like ingredients, spices, utensils, etc. It also increases space by making it easy for the occupants to move around. Among other reasons for organizing the kitchenit becomes easy to clean.

5. Clean Off the Splatters On the Wall

During food preparation, especially a thick mixture may splash on the wall. It is inevitable but then never let dry on the wall. Cleaning the splatter will help keep the kitchen wall looking clean.

6. Clean the Stove Regularly

While cooking, food sometimes jumps off the cooking pot and may land on the baseboard behind the stove. Failure to clean it may be a root cause of odor or even invite insects and rodents into the kitchen.

7. Keep the Kitchen Counter Tops Clean

The temptation to place everything on the countertop is irresistible. A busy countertop makes the entire kitchen look messy and untidy despite how clean it might be. Only leave what is in use now on the countertop.

8. Clean These Items Immediately After Use

Some kitchen equipment like strainers, graters, and knives require cleaning immediately after use. Letting them sit for a while may end up causing the food particles to dry on them, making the cleaning process tedious.

9. Clean the Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen operation relies on some small appliances like; a coffee maker, blender, sandwich maker, microwave, mixing machine, toaster, etc. Their regular use calls for the regular cleaning of these appliances to remove the chances of food contamination.

10. Keep the Sanitary Cabinet Arranged

A sanitary cabinet contains cleaning products like gloves, reagents, disinfectants, etc. On most occasions, the locker gets fixed below the sink. Having it well-arranged eases accessibility and hastens the cleaning process.

11. Clean and Dry the Dishes Frequently

If using the dishwasher to clean the utensils, run it while the dishes are of manageable quantity. If hand-washing them, clean them frequently to avoid a pile-up in the sink. Dirty makes the kitchen look filthy and can cause an odor.

Wash the dishes frequently. Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

12. Regular Pest Control in the Kitchen

During food production in the kitchen, small pieces that drop in hard-to-clean places may invite pests like cockroaches and rodents like rats. Conducting regular fumigation can help eliminate the existence of these pests and rodents.

13. Clean the Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the primary storage of most utensils and equipment. Regular cleaning and organizing help ease access to the items stored in the cabinets. It also helps maintain their hygiene. Here are some more keeping up with restaurant maintenance

14. Clean the Fridge Regularly

A refrigerator plays host to most products, especially those that can go bad. Regular cleaning of the fridge will ensure there is no odor. During the clean-up, sort out any vegetable or leftover that is going bad and throw them away.

15. Regular Dusting of Kitchen Connections

The kitchen connection includes water hosepipes and gas pipes that quickly accumulate dust and grease from the kitchen activities. Cleaning them will increase the hygiene levels and keep the kitchen clean.

16. Clean the Kitchen Hood

The hood is the chimney-like covering placed over the stove and fryer area that removes the kitchen’s hot, greasy, and smoky air. The greasy soot settles on the hood as some go out. The accumulation requires cleaning to maintain hygiene levels. 

17. Clean the Kitchen Linen

Kitchen linen includes curtains that accumulate dust from the outside and greasy soot from the cooking. They need to be regularly changed and cleaned to ensure the kitchen is not stuffy and allow fresh air to flow through the windows.

18. Clean the Deep Fryers

A deep fryer is essential in producing fried foods. They use hot oil in their operations. Food debris left in the fryer that burns. Cleaning must take place after every oil change.

19. Clean the Oven Regularly

The oven uses include but is not limited to grilling and baking. Over time, it accumulates grease and soot from the grill and bakes. Preventing contamination of foods going through the oven, regularly cleaning the oven must never be ignored.

In Conclusion

Kitchen hygiene should never be compromised as it can be the root course of many gut-related illnesses like food poisoning and cholera. The quality of food feels compromised when the kitchen’s cleanliness is questionable.