Uma Temakeria: The Sushirrito Innovator at Gotham Market West

Gotham Market West

A Fresh Review by Chelsea Davis

Uma Temakeria is one of the newer eateries to set up shop at Gotham Market WestFood mashups have been — and continue to be — popping up all over the New York City culinary scene, with one of the most popular being the “sushirrito”.

At Uma Temakeria, guests can choose from a variety of temaki hand rolls, sushi burritos, or chirashi bowls. Temaki options include the samui shrimp with snow peas and a green miso curry; the tsumi tuna with green apple and wasabi ginger; and the isara salmon with a ginger miso and seaweed salad.

If you reach Gotham Market West more on the hungry side, go for Uma Temakeria’s sushi burrito. Enjoy two handfuls of sushi goodness with choices such as the uma-ritto which features salmon, tuna, tobanjan mayo, vegetables, and tempura crunch; or the tofu-ritto with marinated tofu, seaweed salad, seasonal pickle, and ginger miso.

Moreover, chef’s bowls feature all the refreshing flavors of the rolls, minus the nori wrap. Try the poke-rashi which is a mix of ponzu marinated tuna, apple, carrot, cucumber, scallion, and sesame seeds over rice. Another house specialty is the sakana chirashi with a medley of vegetables, avocado lime, tobanjan mayo, and sesame seeds over rice.

Seasonal offerings still available feature the buttery meat of Luke Lobster’s. Luke’s lobster meets the sushi burrito in this collaboration which comes wrapped with rice, kale, red pepper, lemon-wasabi aioli, sesame seeds, and potato crunch. Zesty spice from the aioli pairs perfectly with the crunch and sweetness from the red pepper. Fresh and flavorful, this is a must try.

If you’re not feeling any of the menu items, get creative and make your own sushi combinations — from beginning to end. You choose the sauces like the zesty citrus or avocado lime; the fish/ seafood such as crab, Atlantic salmon, or yellowfin tuna; the vegetables ranging from carrot and daikon pickle to snap peas; and add-ins to make your ideal meal.

Next time you find yourself nearby the Gotham Market West, stop by Uma Temakeria, take a seat at the sushi bar, and treat yourself to a refreshing combo of fish, vegetables, and rice.