New York Street Food has 2 tickets to give away to one of the most anticipated events of the year – this Saturday’s Food Truck Drive-In.

Over 30 great food trucks will be at this event, as well as some great films about food.  See the full list of food vendors here.

All you have to do is provide some constructive criticism in the comments below.  Let us know what you would like to see more articles about in NYSF (NYC, rest of USA, rest of world, recipes, interviews, etc) or what you’re not interested in reading about and would like to see less of.

We’re not looking to have our asses kissed.  (We can pay good money for that!)  NYSF honestly wants to know what you like and don’t like about our website.  The most interesting comment below wins 2 tickets to the Food Truck Drive-In.  One comment per person please.

Entries close at 8pm tomorrow night (Fri) and the winner will be notified by email between 8-11pm tomorrow night.  Good luck everyone.


  1. I am a big fan of the articles that discuss other state’s and international street food. This website is obviously great to use and go find great NY street food but I am often out of state and finding little street food diamonds in the rough in another state or internationally is fun to read about and to keep in mind when I am not in NY.

  2. Well I have only been aware of this site for about 2 weeks now after I saw a sticker of your website on one of my favorite trucks, The Bistro Truck. By the way, props for the guerilla marketing tactic it’s very Shepard Farey of you. Lol. I visited the site, and ever since then, I have been hooked! I can’t get enough! since I am fairly new to the site, I have been reading past entries and compiling lists of trucks and carts to visit with my friends! all I have to say is good job and keep up the good work on spreading the word on kick ass carts and trucks! what I would like to see more of on your site is maybe more links to other sites in other states that are contributing to the mobile food movement. this would make it easier for people to track down carts and trucks when they are traveling. i want to eat where the locals do! and maybe a section where people can share their pics and reviews of their experiences outside they US.

  3. I’m a big fan of food trucks and street carts. One thing that you could incorporate into your site that I’ve seen successful on other sites would be a map so that street food fans can check to see what good carts and trucks are near them. (This would obviously work better for carts that are stationary rather than trucks which change locations.) Also, if you find out and add what times/days their open that would be great. I often wonder if my favorite midtown carts that I can’t go to during the day b/c I work in FiDi are open weekends or in the evenings but I don’t want to trek there to find they’re nowhere to be found. So for the carts that have definite (or somewhat definite) hours and days that would be a GREAT addition to the site!

  4. – A rating system: whereby your users can give starred ratings to food trucks and wherein they can write a short review of the truck

    – The design of the site is a little bit hard on eyes (dark background with lighter text)

    – A tip to help gain the trust of more folks looking to advertise: a email address to me doesn’t say “real media brand”. There should be a way to get for a small price, it will pay off in the short term and long run.

    – John T. Edge is a leading voice in the Street Food movement. He’s also written books about the subject. You could reach out to him, I believe he’s quite personable, as he’s from – believe it or not – Mississippi.

    – Your twitter does have a list that includes mobile and stationary (?) food trucks (maybe beef it up a bit and make sure that you have all of them?)

  5. There are tons of carts that are hardly gourmet. I’d love to hear more about some of those – especially ones that have been around for years and don’t have a twitter presence and/or shoot for the boho gourmet. Even notes on a good hot dog guy or a real factory route food truck that transcends frozen pastries and crappy coffee.

    I like the aggregation, but original reporting is really the way to go. And don’t lose focus with non-nyc content. If you are going to talk about viet street food, at least mention where I can sample something similar in the city. Otherwise I just miss the silly small plastic chairs and the tasty bia hoi and have no outlet for it. And advertisers tend to like local anyway, if you are hoping to build that out.


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