I haven’t seen the Crepes Truck on the street in a while, and when it turned up recently, one reason why was apparent – the truck had a new paint job.  The Crepes Truck used to be mostly white with a little red – now it was mainly red.  That should make it easier to spot on the street.

One of the daily specials was an Iberian crepe, which cost $7.  I also wanted a crepe for dessert and asked for the cinnamon apple crepe, but they were out of apples.  My next choice was a crepe with jam, which they told me was raspberry jam, and cost $4.

Iberan crepe

I started with the Iberian crepe, which had chorizo, spinach, shallots, ricotta and parmesan cheese.  There were a lot of pieces of chorizo, but the crepe wasn’t oily at all, as chorizo can sometimes get.  The main tastes were meaty (but not spicy) chorizo and ricotta cheese, but everything melded together beautifully.  The shallots, parmesan cheese and spinach could be tasted as well.

I usually get 2 crepes because one isn’t enough for lunch, but this crepe was pretty filling.  They didn’t skimp on the ingredients, and it was a nice, hearty lunch crepe for a cold day.

And then came dessert.  As with the Iberian crepe, they didn’t skimp on the jam.  But I was quite surprised when the jam wasn’t raspberry…it was apricot.  Luckily I like apricot jam, but it could have been disastrous if I didn’t.

The jam crepe was sweet and fruity, but it was basically jam in a crepe.  Next time I would like something a little more interesting like cinnamon apple or bananas and chocolate chips.

You can follow the Crepes Truck on twitter here or on our Mobile Munchies twitter feed here.  They are usually on 49th or 50th St between 6th& 7th Ave, but have been known to hit the Flatiron District on occasion and Williamsburg on weekends.