Is This New York’s New Eco Friendly Pizza Truck ?

(credit: Sophie Kleeman / Gothamist)
(credit: Sophie Kleeman / Gothamist)

What is an eco friendly pizza? Where did it all start? Well, we know Mayor Bloomberg was a big supporter of food trucks bringing relief to victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Now the Mayor is throwing his support behind Neapolitan Express, a pizza truck that produces almost 75% less greenhouse gas emissions than those that run on gas and diesel.


From the front, it kind of looks like a hotel shuttle van, but we expect the food will be much better.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and oil magnate T. Boone Pickens joined forces at City Hall Park today to introduce New York City’s first eco friendly pizza food truck powered entirely by compressed natural gas. The truck, Neapolitan Express, serves a variety of doughy goods, including marinara and margherita pizzas.

Both Neapolitan and its partner in the project, Clean Energy Fuels, hope to start a new trend in sustainability in food trucks. “[It’s] a partnership that is taking both arts to a new height,” said Bloomberg, who spoke to a crowd gathered in front of the truck.

The truck’s oven is hot enough to cook a pizza in 90 seconds. The high-end mini-pies with ingredients imported from Italy sell for $7 and have 680 calories.

Max Crespo, of Neapolitan, said the truck was “ready to hit the streets of New York” and that he planned to have similar trucks in other major cities.

We tried to find a twitter account, but so far have not been able to. We will update you as soon as we have more info.

UPDATE 2/23/13 – Thanks to Steve Bango for sending us their twitter account, @neaexpress. That enabled us to find their website here, their facebook here, and their menu here.

(credit: Edward Reed/Mayor’s Office)
(credit: Edward Reed/Mayor’s Office)