We wanted to let you know about two items of interest to Washington DC street foodies.


Have you ever seen lobsters traveling down I-95?  You soon will.

The Red Hook Lobster Pound in Brooklyn wanted to expand by putting a food truck on the streets of New York, but the lack of new permits being granted by the city forced one of the owners to reach out to her cousin, a tech and communications lawyer in Washington DC.

He helped them get the necessary permits, and the Red Hook Lobster Pound expects to have a truck in DC selling Maine-style (chilled lobster with mayo) and Connecticut-style (warm, with butter) lobster rolls by the end of June.  Hard to believe, but in the food truck permit arena, Washington’s bureaucracy was better than New York’s.  [DC Street Vendor]

sweetbites truck

In the 2nd Washington DC item – Some people say baking is more science than art.  At the new sweetbites truck, it certainly is.  Sandra Panetta recently quit her job as a biochemist at the EPA in order to turn her part-time dessert catering business into a full-time business.  By all accounts, it’s going quite well. [Washington City Paper]

Certainly beats in 4 hour government budget meetings.  Gotta love that sucrose!