Eva Sweet waffles

We all love us some Wafels & Dinges and their wonderful Belgian wafels.  We are especially partial to Liege wafels with spekulous on top.  Looks like the concept is traveling – all the way to the wilds of Edmonton, Canada.

Eva Sweet sells Belgian waffles from a van with their logo plastered on the side.  These waffles are made with pearl sugar from Belgium, just like W&D.  Their waffle irons, which can produce eight fresh waffles in two minutes, are also from Belgium.  Bamir Basha spent five years selling waffles from a van on the streets of Brussels.  That’s where he met his Canadian wife, Patricia, who was there on a vacation, and they decided to bring Belgian waffles back to Canada.

There are lots of toppings available (strawberry, chocolate and blueberry, to name a few), as well as real whipped cream. The waffles are crispy on the top, and soft on the inside – they have a slight sugary crunch that makes them feel exotic. [Edmonton Journal]

How do you know they’re Canadian waffles?  Because one of their flavors is maple syrup.  Now they need to get some spekulous and learn how to spell wafels!

Eva Sweet sample


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