The recent NYSF Guest Post from Charlotte of entitled “An English Girl’s Take On The Best NYC Mobile Eats” gave me a hankering for fried fish from Kim’s Aunt Kitchen. They are on 46th St just east of 6th Ave with a big “Food Is Love” sign on the right side of the cart.

It feels like forever since I’ve been there (last February), so Today’s Lunch is a fried whiting sandwich ($4) and french fries ($1.50) from Kim’s Aunt Kitchen.

sandwich open

They had several choices of bread (white, whole wheat, hero and pita) and condiments (bbq sauce, ketchup, white sauce, tartar sauce).  I chose hero bread and tartar sauce, with some hot sauce for good measure.  They also put lettuce and tomato on the sandwich.

When I got back to the office and opened up the sandwich, there were 3 (!) pieces of fish on the sandwich.  They weren’t enormous, but with 3 pieces of fish, this was a nice, substantial lunch.  The taste of the tartar sauce came through clearly, but the hot sauce only added a tiny trickle of heat.  If you like things spicy, ask for extra hot sauce.


At the cart, they asked if I wanted ketchup on the fries, and I said yes, which was a small mistake on my part.  They put a lot of ketchup on already soft fries, which made them even softer.  Next time I’ll ask for well-done fries, and have ketchup put on the side.  The fries tasted fine, but I like my fries with some crunch, and these were too soft.

Nevertheless, the fried whiting sandwich was tasty, and $5.50 for a fish sandwich and fries is a great deal in midtown.  I spoke to a few people at the cart while I was waiting, and they really like this cart – Kim’s Aunt Kitchen seems to have a pretty devoted following.  It was really cold out, and there was still a line of half a dozen people, and more came up after me.

If you’re in the mood for fried fish (or shrimp) for lunch, Kim’s Aunt Kitchen is a good choice.  If Food Is Love, then I’m in love with Kim’s Aunt Kitchen.  Nice one Charlotte, and thanks for the reminder.



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