I’ve really enjoyed the vendors at Madison Square Eats, and I was thrilled when Calexico Carne Asada announced they were opening a new cart there.  It’s fairly tough for me to get to Soho for lunch.

The 2008 Vendy Award Winner has been expanding their empire on a regular basis, and since this was a new location, I decided to try something new (for me).

Today’s Lunch is a chipotle pork rolled quesadilla ($6), which comes with chipotle “crack” sauce (their epithet, not mine).

After the quesadilla is made and has been on the grill for a little while, they fold it over, press it down, and grill it some more.  A more descriptive name would be a folded quesadilla, but rolled sounds so much cooler.

One thing this quesadilla has in common with other quesadillas is that it was pretty cheesy.

The shredded chipotle pork was nice and spicy, and it had a slightly smoky flavor.  It didn’t really need anything else to be delicious, but when someone describes a sauce as “crack” sauce, I have to investigate further.

I’m not sure if the sauce is addictive, or has any of the other great qualities that make crack so appealing, but it definitely added some creaminess and more heat to the mix.  It was somewhat reminiscent of the harissa mayo at Bistro Truck or the sriracha mayo at Schnitzel & Things.

Today’s Lunch at Calexico Carne Asada’s new location at 24th & Broadway was excellent.  Calexico Carne Asada is a welcome addition to any area they decide to move into.  I’m just glad they’re getting closer to my office instead of further away.