Food Film Festival Announces Dates & Looks For Submissions


Dates for the 2013 Food Film Festivals have been announced…but first they need some films to show.

Not only have dates been announced, but the festival has been expanded to 3 cities this year. In addition to NYC and Chicago, there will be one in Charleston on May 10-11. Hopefully they will focus on some of those Southern foods we love so much.

If you’re a filmmaker who would like to submit a film to the NYC or Chicago Food Film Festival, the official submission period starts January 24th. You can even enter both Festivals at the same time! Kinky, eh?

Full details will be available on January 24th at

If you haven’t attended the Food Film Festival in the past, it’s a great event. Not only are there really interesting films, but at selected showings, they pair the films with the foods in the films. How meta-licious.


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