Enjoy (& Help) Downtown Restaurants With The “Full? Fall. Crawl!” Sandy Relief Food Crawl

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, with all the news about how downtown restaurants are hurting, our friends at FoodtoEat decided to help out in their own special way – they organized the “Full? Fall. Crawl!” Sandy Restaurant Relief Food Crawl.

The event takes place this Saturday, Nov 17th. Tickets are $10, and 100% of all proceeds from ticket sales and raffle tickets are being donated to the participating bars & restaurants.

You can get tickets here, or click through to see more details about the event, including a current list of participating restaurants and bars. More may be added.

Each bar and restaurant will be offering a specific deal to the crawlers. This might be a discounted food + drink pairing, buy one get one free drinks, a free cupcake, etc.

Crawlers will get their hand stamped and a map of participating spots at the registration booth at Evelyn at 12pm. From there, for the next 3-4 hours, they’ll be able to proceed in any order they’d like and choose which bars/restaurants’ deals they’d like to enjoy.

There will be an ending party from 3-4pm at Kafana, where everyone will meet up for a last bite & drink. The raffle will also be held there.

As we said, 100% of all proceeds from ticket sales and raffle tickets is being donated to the participating bars & restaurants.

The current list of stops for the “Full? Fall. Crawl!” Sandy Relief Food Crawl is:

Cocktail Bodega | 205 Chrystie Street | http://cocktailbodega.com/

Continuum Coffee l 199 Avenue B l https://twitter.com/ContinuumCoffee

Evelyn Drinkery | 171 Avenue C | http://evelyndrinkery.com/

La Lucha l 147 Avenue A l http://www.laluchanyc.com/

Mercadito | 179 Avenue B | http://www.mercaditorestaurants.com/aveb/

Mezetto | 161 E Houston Street | http://www.mezetto.com/

Prohibition Bakery | 9 Clinton Street | http://www.prohibitionbakery.com/

Proto Pizza l 20 2nd Avenue l http://www.protospizzanyc.com/

Sons of Essex | 133 Essex Street | http://sonsofessexles.com/

Common Ground l 206 Avenue A l http://www.commongroundnyc.com/

Maharlika l 111 1st Avenue l maharlikanyc.com/

Simone Martini Bar l 134 1st Avenue l simonemartininbar.com

Yaffa Cafe l 97 St. Marks Place l yaffacafe.com

Culture Fix l 9 Clinton Street l http://www.culturefixny.com/

Kafana l 116 Avenue C l http://www.kafananyc.com/

Get your tickets here. FoodtoEat also set up a Facebook page here.

Thanks to the good folks at FoodtoEat for putting this whole shebang together! Soulds like a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.