Boston Gets Rematch With NYC In The 2nd Food Truck Throwdown

1st Boston vs NYC Food Truck Throwdown
1st Boston vs NYC Food Truck Throwdown

Back in October 2012, seven NYC food trucks were invited up to Boston for the 1st Food Truck Throwdown.

The big winner was Wafels & Dinges, but there were plenty of winners on both sides in various categories. As usual, the biggest winners were the people who got to try a bunch of food trucks they haven’t tried before.

Now a date for the sequel has been set.

Mark May 4th on your calendar. While it hasn’t been officially announced, word is this event will be at the Greenway in Boston again.

Yes, we wish it was being held in NYC too, but Boston has been much friendlier to food trucks than the Big Apple. Boston food trucks are officially sanctioned by the city. Oh, to sleep, perchance to dream.

Below is a video from the Boston Herald with interviews with some of the contestants, and footage of the event.


  1. Hopefully the next mayor will be more friendly to the food trucks in our city. Bloomberg is not a man of the people and of his word.


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