The Ultimate Guide on Food Truck Accessories

guide on food truck accessories

So you’ve started the groundwork of opening your very own food truck? Perhaps you have the perfect theme, are ready to share your secret family recipe, or have developed a mouthwatering menu. None of this will matter without the right food truck accessories.

Just like a restaurant, food trucks are subject to health inspections. Building a safe and clean space from the start will help you pass inspections with flying colors. Passing these tedious inspections also includes having the right food truck accessories on board. 

Here is the basic equipment to get you started on the right foot.

The Food Truck Accessories You Will Need:

1. Fryers, Griddles, Ranges, & Slicers

You will likely need at least one of these pieces of equipment, or possibly all four. Each comes in different models, ranging from compact countertop to industrial-sized choices. 

When selecting, you will have a range of brands to choose from. Take the time to research maintenance options and what it costs to replace broken parts. If your slicer goes down, you will want to know where to find parts for Hobart slicers at National Band Saw so you can get replacements quickly and efficiently to keep your truck running. 

Another option is a simple microwave or combination piece to cook and heat a number of foods simultaneously. Choosing which works best for you will center heavily on your menu. So, solidify your options and consider what cooking equipment is necessary. 

2. Sink & Sanitation Space 

Back to those inspections — you absolutely must have a working sink. It is neither sanitary nor safe to operate without one. The ideal sink will be large enough to wash your hands and any utensils while also prepping as needed. The cleaner your space, the easier it will be to maneuver around and provide safe food to happy customers. 

3. Service Window 

This is not so much a “piece” of equipment as a conscious design choice. The obvious point for a food truck service window is to provide a space for customers to both place orders and receive food. 

food truck accessories
A good service window is crucial. Photo courtesy of

However, inclement weather is bound to happen, so you also need a window that can be easily barred against the elements or closed up at the end of a day. Many food truck owners overlook building this into their equipment budget, but it is certainly essential. 

4. Cooling & Refrigeration 

Chances are something on your menu will need to be kept cold or cool until it is time to prepare or serve it. Whether you are simply pulling it out to serve cold or cooking it, you will need it kept at a safe temperature to avoid any risk of illness or contamination. 

Proper refrigeration is crucial to food trucks — but the question often boils down to size. You will want a refrigerator large enough to accommodate your needs but not large enough to occupy valuable space needlessly. 

5. Work & Prep Areas 

In the midst of all these food truck accessories, you also need counter space to properly prepare and cook food. At the end of the day, this piece is about design and layout. You should envision a flow of the cooking process, from the moment the order is placed to when it is prepared and handed out of the window. At what point in that process will you need each piece of equipment — including counter space — and what is the most logical layout to accomplish the task? 


When thinking about working in a food truck, picture the whole process from start to finish. Use this visual to plan what accessories you’ll need and what layout makes the most sense. The right equipment and perfect layout will help you build an efficient food truck! 

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