Top 5 Types of Food You Need To Get in NY City

Types of Food You Need To Get in NY City
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New York City is one of the biggest and most populated cities in the United States. One of the things you must do while visiting NY city is to stop at the many food destinations. Though there’s a variety of restaurants, it can be hard to narrow down which one to go to. Read on to learn about the top five types of food you need to get in NY City.

1. Vegan Food

If you are a vegan, vegetarian, or on a special diet, you may want to look into stopping by one of New York City’s ten vegan restaurants.

Although vegan food is often looked down on, it provides many health benefits. And unfortunately, because it is not as popular, it can be hard to find vegan restaurants and recipes. Thankfully, there are websites such as Veggie Spy that can help with that.

Sites like this can help you find a vegan restaurant upon your arrival in NYC. They can also help you find places with fresh fruits and veggies both online and in person.

One of my top favorites is Le Botaniste on Lexington Ave., as they offer delicious Plant-based and Organic Food. Do some research to find the best locations for your delicious vegan meal.


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 2. New York Style Pizza

Pizza is a popular dish everywhere around the globe and one of the things you MUST do is get a famous New York-style pizza.

Pizza places all around the United States will advertise their pizza, saying that it is an authentic New York-style pizza. However, it will never be as authentic as a pizza actually tasted in New York.

Now you may be wondering what separates a New York pizza and a regular pizza. Well, a New York pizza is made with a noticeably thin crust. Also, the slices on this pizza will be a bit larger than the slices on a regular pizza.

Make sure to stop by one or several of the numerous pizzerias in New York City and try one of their amazing pizzas!

3. Breakfast and Coffee

While staying in a hotel or resort that you may find yourself in, you may not want to get up early to make breakfast and coffee.

Thankfully, there are an incredible number of coffee shops in New York that offer a large variety of coffee and breakfast foods. One of the many special breakfast places you will not want to miss out on is B&H Dairy because it offers a wallet-friendly breakfast that will start your day on the right foot.

 4. Asian Food

Perhaps you would also like to try something a little more cultured and less common than what you would find in a normal American restaurant.

You can be sure to find plenty of Chinese restaurants as well as many Japanese Hibachi Grills. All of which have something very unique and tasty to offer.

One of my favorite Chinese restaurants is Shanghai 21 in Downtown Manhattan, which offers some of the most delicious pork soup dumplings I’ve ever had.

5. Steakhouses

Steak is always a portion of delicious food to have. Although it can be quite expensive, you will never be disappointed by the juicy flavor that a freshly cooked steak at one of the best steakhouses in NYC has to offer. You can also try one of our favorites, Uncle Jack’s.

Check out Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse:

 Make sure to swing into one of the many amazing steakhouses that you can find all over NY City and bite into a juicy steak.

Eat Well!

While out visiting one of the greatest cities in the world, make sure to stop every now and then and chow down on some delicious food of your choice. There are a lot of options!