NYC’s Popcorn Foodie Destinations (with Videos!)

NYC's Popcorn Foodie Destinations
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Popcorn has a long and romantic history as an all-American treat, with rumors that popcorn was served at Plymouth colony. Popcorn has been a street food treat in New York City since the 1890s, largely because it’s easy to make, fresh, and delicious. Today, like many other snacks and street foods, the creative people of New York have taken popcorn to the next level. Here are some of our top favorite places you should try if you love popcorn. 

Popcorn for the People

The only thing better than delicious popcorn? Popcorn is food for people. Popcorn for the People has unique and yummy snack bags of popcorn in flavors like Cookies & Cream, French Toast, and Chicago Baked Cheddar.

The coolest thing about the company is that they are a nonprofit designed to create jobs for neurodiverse individuals, including Autistic adults. Offering fair wages and career advancement opportunities for this historically underemployed and unaccommodated workforce makes their treats taste much sweeter. Their snack bags are designed for sharing, but the treats are so delicious you won’t want to. 

Watch this video to get a glimpse:

 Your own kitchen!

If you’re like us sometimes and feel exhausted after a long day of work, and you feel for a snack when watching Netflix movie night, sometimes the best option is going to your kitchen. offers delicious, gourmet popcorn and a revolutionary stovetop popper that lets you make delicious, sweet, and savory popcorn as fresh as possible from the comfort of your kitchen.

You only need a single stove burner, making it a great fit for even the tiniest NYC apartment. Their revolutionary popper can also be used with any recipe and kernels, making it a highly versatile addition to your kitchen. You’ll soon be known as the “popcorn friend” with all the delicious recipes you can whip up! 

Watch this video to learn how to make popcorn on a stove:

Harlem Public

If you’re searching for a recommended joint to get a decent meal and a cocktail while still getting your popcorn fix, you can try Harlem Public. Known for excellent sandwiches and juicy burgers, this spot is great for lunch and dinner any day and also offers brunch on the weekends.

Be sure to try their Skinny BLT, which in addition to the classic bacon, lettuce, and tomato, includes a piece of crispy fried chicken skin and a delicious chipotle mayo. Popcorn lovers can rejoice that while you wait for your meal, the restaurant is happy to keep fresh-popped salty popcorn and unique housemade cocktails flowing. 

Watch this video review of Harlem Public:

MarieBelle New York

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and love chocolate, you’ll absolutely want to check out MarieBelle New York’s flagship store in SoHo. Stepping through these doors whisks you away to what feels like another world, a bit sweeter and quieter than the hustle and bustle outside. 

Offering every chocolate confection imaginable, you can take home a box of truffles or other treats to enjoy on your own time—one particular favorite is any of their bars or confections that include candied orange peels.

If you’re looking to enjoy a relaxing afternoon, sit a while and enjoy afternoon tea with finger sandwiches, mini pastries, or even a pot of chocolate fondue. And, of course, MarieBelle is proud to offer delicious chocolate-drizzled popcorn as a tasty snack for the popcorn lover. 

Check out this video to get a glimpse:

International Popcorn

If you’re looking for a destination totally specialized in popcorn in all its glory, look no further than International Popcorn. This family-owned company is in Towota, NJ, just a short drive or train ride from Manhattan. 

They offer curbside pickup for their tasty flavors, unpopped kernels, or specialty offerings. For lovers of salty and savory, they have a large repertoire of cheese-based flavors, including Cheesy Jalapeno, Beer Cheddar, and Spicy Buffalo with Bleu Cheese.

Those with a sweet tooth have an amazing list of chocolate delight flavors, including Funfetti, Smores, Italian Cannoli, Iced Cinnamon Roll, and so many more. For the brave of heart, they also proudly offer Devil’s Heat, the world’s hottest popcorn, rating an impressive 2.1M Scoville Heat rating to anyone 18+ who is up for the challenge!

Brooklyn Popcorn Co.

This food truck serves 6-8 flavors of popcorn on any given day, all created fresh in the truck. They offer sweet and savory flavors, at only $5 for a large popcorn bag in your chosen flavor. It’s perfect for an on-the-go snack while running around the city. If you love what you taste, you can order online from their website, or if you’re trying to locate the truck on any given day, visit their Facebook page. Head to the truck to get your popcorn fresh rather than packaged, especially for the cheesy and savory flavors. 


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Whether you prefer to eat popcorn as a snack on the go, enjoy it as part of a full experience, or pop as much as you want at home, you will surely enjoy these destinations.

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