NYC Food Trucks Still Running Into Legal Problems

(credit: Street Grub Steve's twitter)

(credit: Street Grub Steve’s twitter)

It’s been pretty quiet on the police front this winter for our favorite food trucks – but the popo came a callin’ on Phil’s Steaks last night.

Late in the afternoon, Phil’s tweeted they were going to be on Union Sq West late lunch and dinner.

A few hours later, Phil’s tweeted: “If you see the jawn getting towed, that’s because it is! If the tow pound guys wanted free steaks all they had to do was ask. C U 2morro NYC.

Anybody who thinks having a food truck is easy or a quick ticket to success, getting towed will wipe out a day’s profits very quickly.

After all the great work food trucks did helping feed victims of Hurricane Sandy, it would seem like an opportune time for the NYC Food Truck Association to push forward with discussions with the Mayor’s Office about how to work food trucks into the legal fabric of NYC.

Thanks to Street Grub Steve for the photo above.

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Robert - January 8, 2013

Problem is that there are different agencies with different rules to deal with when being the owner of a food truck. Usually the Police Officers of the NYPD are respectful when it comes with dealing with the food trucks and carts. It\’s more the Traffic Agents(Meter Maids) that are the issue. They don\’t believe in courtesy or respect, even to other city workers.

That tow truck looks like a Traffic Agent tow truck and not an actual P.O.

admin - January 8, 2013

Thanks for the clarification Robert.

James Lecomte - January 9, 2013

I agree with Robert. I work in law enforcement and I believe those traffic agents would even ticket our personal vehicles even with proper id in the windshield . I just discovered your truck at 56th on Mondays thru a co-worker . I never really liked the philly steak until I tried yours, it’s unbelievably delicious!! I kinda wish you were there a lot more!
Check out Jimmy Justice on you tube. He follows the agents with video when they illegally park.

JT - June 25, 2013

What a shame on the police just ask them to move. Whats the big deal. It’s not like he parked and walked away and left his truck..

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