I was by Union Square today, and wanted to check out what was available for lunch at the holiday market.  There were several desserts such as Wafels & Dinges and Stuffed Artisan Cannolis, but only two choices for lunch that I saw – a crepe stand and Mighty Balls.

Mighty Balls doesn’t have a food truck or store, but they did have a stand at various festivals in the New York area over the past few months, similar to the stand currently at Union Square.

How it works is you can get a one ball slider for $3.50, three balls without bread for $7.50, or a three ball hero for $8.50.  Cheese is $1 extra.  You can see the full menu here.

The meatball, sauce and cheese choices are pretty interesting.  As the sign says, these are “not yo mama’s balls”.

The meatball choices are pork, beef and veggie, although they were out of pork by the time I got there, so I got 2 beef and 1 veggie.

For sauces, I got jalapeño jelly and cranberry horseradish on the beef meatballs and the African onion on the veggie meatball.  I decided not to get cheese because I wanted to try the sauces without cheese.

The beef balls were big and round and beefy.  They look small in the picture above, but they weren’t.

The veggie ball was big too, but for some reason it was flat, not round.  The veggie ball was kind of bready, but tasted good.

The sauces are what makes the meal here.  The jalapeño jelly was sweet and very spicy.  The African onion was mustardy and oniony but nice and not too hot.  The cranberry horseradish was sweet and hot, but not nearly as hot as the jalapeño jelly.

I really enjoyed lunch from Mighty Balls, but it did seem a bit high priced for what you got.  The variety of tastes was good, and I liked that you can get 3 different meatballs with 3 different sauces on the hero.

Might Balls is not the best value around, but it is good.



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