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Watch your portions...

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about a fairly new Korean cart on the SW corner of 52nd St & 6th Ave called Gobuki.  The bulgogi over rice platter was quite enjoyable, and I decided to go back for a sandwich, something you don’t see too often from Korean food vendors.

Today’s Lunch is a Galbi Sandwich ($7) from Gobuki.  You can see their full menu here.

Doesn’t that look amazing!

When I ordered lunch, the chef put a mixture of julienned onions, carrots and radicchio on the grill to cook a little more, then put it on a full-sized hero on top of a lettuce leaf.  The galbi (short rib) was then put on top of the veggies, and a chili mayo sauce was put on the meat.  The woman asked if I wanted it spicy, and when I said yes, she squirted on a nice amount of hot sauce.

I picked up the sandwich, and the bread was really soft.  A bit of watery liquid dripped out of the sandwich, but I was at my desk, so luckily it went into the container, not onto my pants.

The galbi was delicious, with a deeper, more grilled flavor than the bulgogi I had last time.  It’s $1 more than the bulgogi, but it’s also a much better cut of beef, and well worth the extra dollar.

The chili mayo wasn’t particularly spicy, but it added some creaminess to the sandwich.  The hot sauce definitely added a nice kick.  It wasn’t even close to brutal, but did add a little something extra to the galbi, which had no problem standing up to the two sauces.

Today’s Lunch of a galbi sandwich from Gobuki was excellent.  This was a full-sized hero, and it was filled with plenty of galbi.  If it wasn’t for the watery liquid dripping out on my first bite, this would have been a perfect sandwich.

You get a lot of short ribs on the sandwich for $7 – and there was not one fatty part in the whole sandwich.  This was definitely one of the more enjoyable lunches I’ve had recently.