One of the best things about food trucks is the ability to serve locally-grown and sourced food.  The Harvest Moon Grille in Charlotte, NC is serving mainly locally grown food from places within 100 miles of Charlotte.  The list includes:

Grateful Growers Farm (pork, chicken)
Gilcrest Farm (beef)
Yah’s Best (chowchow)
T+K Farm (eggs)
Niese’s herbs (lettuce)
Rosemary Pete’s Herbs (dandelion greens)
36th Street Bakery (yeast roll)
Sunny Creek Farm (potatoes)
Brushy Mountain Apples (pink lady apples)
Apple Wedge Cider, Hendersonville (cider)

This locavore thing must be working, because lunch and the menu below looked quite delicious:

customer and brat
Bratwurst burger
Meatball sub
Meatball sub

Moon Shot (soup) – Potato with our smoked polish sausage
Side – a salad of fresh julienned cabbage
The “real” Ham-burger – Grateful Growers ground pork burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, mushroom and peppers on a yeast roll.
The Bird
– Grateful Growers pasture-raised chicken in a salad with dates, apples + pecans topped with dandelion greens.
Beef + Cheddar – thinly sliced Gilcrest beef with melted cheddar topped with a chowchow aioli on a yeast roll.
Falafel Burger – (yes, we love vegetarians too!). Falafel with carrot and onion pattied into a burger and served on a yeast roll with lettuce, tomato and chowchow aioli
To drink – Fresh apple cider from Hendersonville NC
“Fer laters – Pink Lady Apples or Cassie’s amazing flourless chocolate torte

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