First it was Korean taco trucks, now it’s grilled cheese trucks!

We went from 0 to 3 Korean taco trucks in the space of a few months, and now it looks like grilled cheese is the new Korean taco.

We previously told you about the upcoming Milk Truck and Gorilla Cheese NYC truck.

Now, Fork In The Road is reporting that a third, the Morris Grilled Cheese Truck will hit the streets in late May, assuming they are on schedule (and that’s a big assumption for any new food truck).  No Morris Grilled Cheese twitter account, facebook or website has popped up yet that we can find.

The owner, Michael Jacober, named the truck after his great-grandfather, a Russian immigrant who drove a produce and meat truck.  The Morris Grilled Cheese Truck will feature six varieties of grilled cheese that rotate on a weekly basis.

Options will include combinations like pork and gouda, a cheese blend featuring herb-marinated boucheron, and, for dessert, a ricotta sandwich dipped in maple syrup.  The truck will also feature soups, a variety of dipping sauces, and “a lot of different hot sauces.”

Reportedly, the truck was an old NYPD paddy wagon.  “When I got it, it had all these metal bars for handcuffs, said Jacober.” [Fork In The Road]

Wouldn’t it be great if he named the sandwiches after famous criminals!  We would love to hear people walk up to the window and say “I’ll have an Al Capone, and my friend will have a Lucky Luciano”. Just sayin’.