The recent free food truck promotion from Air France was good, but this may be the apex of free food truck promotions.

Grub Street reports that a group called the Korean Food Foundation, which is sponsored by the South Korean–government, will be teaming up with 9 Korean restaurants to operate a free food truck for 5 weeks!

The free promotion starts Monday, April 18th and runs all the way through May 20th.

The first week is devoted to Danji chef Hooni Kim’s sliders.  Later giveaways will include japchae from San Soo Gab San, jeon from Don’s Bogam, and kimchi fried rice from Kunjip.

For the full schedule and daily locations, you have to go to their Facebook page.  No twitter that we know of yet, but there is a cool interactive map here that details the daily giveaways and locations.

On tap the first week are bulgogi filet mignon sliders, short rib sliders, bulgogi brisket sliders and the spicy pork belly sliders pictured below. Wow, that looks amazing!

This sounds similar to the Malaysian Kitchen promotion last fall, which was also pretty tasty!

Danji’s spicy pork belly slider (photo: Courtesy of Rheewind)