Hope everyone had a good weekend.  Looks like a fairly quiet day out there today.  Enjoy some great street food from the vendors on the right and the food trucks below.  As always, check the pink Mobile Munchies twitter feed before you head out, as trucks often have to move for film shoots, water main breaks, police harassment and several other reasons.

CupcakeStop – 52 & Lex:Red Velv,Funfetti,Nutella,Oreo,Van Choc,Choc PB Swirl,Cookie Dough,Hummingbird,Choc Caramel Pretzel,Fluffernutter & Cappuccino!!
JiannettosPizza – Happy Monday. 47th Street Off Today…Wall Street in.
waffletruckHappy Monday! We’re on Broadway & 116 til about 4:30pm. Give us your best rain dance for 1 free dinges today.
PapaPerroneWe will not be on 55th today we will be back Tuesday with sausage and calzone
schnitzeltruck – Achtung!! Water and broad we are there today instead of Tuesday. We have loads of delicious veal. This alone will make clouds go away. We have a surprise that’ll surely clear up the rain when we see your smiling faces! This surprise include free stuff. “freeloaders engage”

RickshawTruck – Hey dumbo! Were on front and washington 11-3 with a quacktastic treat!

StreetSweets – NEW LOCATION ALLERT! We will b @ Park Av South btw 26 & 27st on the westside of Park Av So.f Stop by &check out our amazing mobile bake shop

CalexicoCart – Sorry guys, the Broome St cart is closed today. However, the guys on Wooster are cooking it up and offering Pollo Verde as today’s special!


New Jersey Food Trucks

TheTacoTruck – Serving lunch in Hoboken on Sinatra Dr. & 2nd St. from 12:00 to 2:30. Call ahead 201.577.4214

thekrave – Thank you all for an unbelievable showing at Hell’s Kitchen Food Truck Bazaar. We WILL be serving today…