It’s sunny and gorgeous this Good Friday.  Get out and enjoy some street food.  The best carts are listed to the right and the best trucks are here today:

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nyccravingsHudson & King: ready in 5 minutes! Come for an early lunch!

TheTreatsTruck – 11-3:30 45th and 6th Ave, then 4-6:30 5th Ave btwn 21 and 22nd. Easter cookies and Passover macaroons!
RickshawTruck – Beautiful Friday: Dumplings in the sun. Midtown East: 45th + 6th Av + also serving it up at Chelsea Market: 9th Av bet 15th + 16th. 11a-3p

CalexicoCartFriday! Both carts are out in soho this afternoon and the special of the day is Braised Beef Shortribs served in a roasted jalapeño sauce.

CupcakeStopFreshly brewed Oren’s Daily Roast Coffee now available on the CupcakeStop truck on Broadway and Spring Broadway and Spring w/Red Velvet, Banana Chocolate Chip, Starry Night, Mango Poppy and Cream Cheese Brownie!
schnitzeltruckDUMBO… R u ready for schnitzel Fridays?? The weather is!! And so are we. C u @ our usual meeting spot?
fritesnmeatsHey MIDTOWN, Burger Love’s gonna make Good Friday even better! Were heading ur way! 48th bet. 6th & 7th, closer to 6. Burg of Week “The Marital Bliss”, killer wife-made brownies, & insane Gaspacho!Preorders 917.292.9226

waffletruckHappy Friday! We’re on 8th Ave btwn 56 & 57 til about 4:30pm. Tell us about you favorite live show ever for 1 free dinges. FREEBIRD!

StreetSweets – St Sw is going to check out the action this gd Friday on 50th St off of 6Av, if there are a lot of people off today, we will be on the move.


New Jersey Food Trucks

TheTacoTruck – Hoboken all day on the waterfront at 1st St and Sinatra from 11:30 till we sell out. Great weather = delicious tacos.

thekrave12-2, Hudson & Essex, Inside Liberty Towers Gourmet 12-2:15, Hudson between York & Grand. 5:30-9:30, Columbus and Marin Blvd

laspicetruckNo food today, instead making an appearance on Law and Order as “The Butcher”


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