Vote For New York Food Trucks As Best On The East Coast

(credit: NYSF)

We love New York Food Trucks, so when a national list goes out looking for people to vote for the best food trucks, it’s up to us to get the people to the polls. Vote for New York City, baby!

The Daily Meal recently came out with a list of the 101 Best Food Trucks In America. There are 11 food trucks from New York City, with the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck the top ranking NYC truck at #3. Although the BGICT is off the road for the winter, you can check out some amazing creations at their new store in the West Village. How does soft-serve vanilla with ginger syrup and curry powder sound?

Click through to see the rest of the New York food trucks included on the list, to see the whole list, and to vote for the best food trucks in 5 different regions around the US, including the East Coast.

Country Boys/Martinez Tacos (credit: NYSF)

Moving up the list, the other NYC food trucks are:

#11 – Red Hook Lobster Truck – They had us at lobster mac & cheese. Their Washington DC truck is at #18. Wonder what the difference is?

#14 – Wafels & Dinges – 1 word says it all – spekuloos. 2009 Best Dessert Vendy Award Winner.

#20 – The Cinnamon Snail – We’re hardcore carnivores, but love The Cinnamon Snail’s creative cuisine. 2012 People’s Choice Vendy Award Winner.

#28 – Schnitzel & Things – The very 1st food truck we ever tried back in 2009, and the 2009 Rookie of the Year Vendy Award Winner. Just look at that golden schnitzel below.

#30 – Korilla BBQ – The 1st Korean taco truck in NYC, and guaranteed to be the longest line at any event they attend. 2011 Rookie of the Year Vendy Award Winner.

#37 – Country Boys/Martinez Taco – A virtual unknown outside the Red Hook Ballfields, but their 2009 Vendy Cup win put them on the map.

#41 – Luke’s Lobster – Great lobster rolls, but we love their clam chowder too.

#55 – Taïm Mobile – One of the best falafelists in NYC, and 2011 Vendy Award Finalist for Rookie of the Year.

#75 – Souvlaki GR – Delicious souvlaki on pillow-soft pita bread. We’re proud to call them our friends. 2011 People’s Choice Vendy Award Winner & 2010 Rookie of the Year Winner.

#77 – Solber Pupusas -Another Red Hook Ballfields sensation. Who knew what a pupusa was until they won the 2012 Vendy Cup.

This is a solid list, with only a few bones we could pick. We’re not going to worry about relative rankings, just omissions.

If Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is on the list, so should Coolhaus, a true innovator in the field who started in LA. Bistro Truck anyone? Okadaman’s okonomiyaki and takoyaki are off the hook, and unlike anything else on the NYC streets.

It’s easy to sit back and nitpick, so now it’s up to you to vote for your favorite (NYC of course) food truck. This isn’t just a 1-click vote. There are 4 categories: truck design, freshness quality/taste, twitter presence and menu innovation. If your favorite food truck is not on the list, there is a place for a write-in candidate at the bottom.

The voting list starts out west and works east, so you have to click through 4 other regions before getting to the East Coast.


Maybe after the regions are announced, they can pit the winners of each region against each other in a Virtual Food Truck Death Match. That would be cool, although not as amazing as a matchup between the winners IRL.

Schnitzel & Things (credit: NYSF)