NYSF In LA: Tasting The Komodo Truck

(credit: NYSF)
(credit: NYSF)

Ever heard of the Komodo Truck? well, we’re back in LA again this week, for the 2nd time this year, to tell you a bit about it. Good thing there are tons of great food trucks around.

When we were here back in March, the Santa Monica Food Truck Lot was only in its 2nd week of existence. Now it’s getting seasoned around the edges, and there were even more trucks squeezed into the lot behind the California Heritage Museum.

One truck we’ve heard great things about, but hadn’t had a chance to try yet is the Komodo Truck. Time to rectify that situation.

The Komodo Truck serves tacos and fries, but with a much more interesting menu. Tacos are $3 each, but you can get a Killer Combo with 4 tacos for $10. Well, it was dinner time!

(credit: NYSF)
Komodo 2.0 & Java tacos (credit: NYSF)

As we always say, when a vendor names a dish after themselves, try that dish first. Following our own advice, we started with the Komodo 2.0 taco. Smartly, they used 2 tortillas for each taco because they was stuffed to the brim…and beyond.

Komodo 2.0 had bite-sized pieces of sirloin underneath all that Southwestern salad. The beef was marinated and had a green jalapeño aioli sauce, which you can just see at the bottom of the photo.

The Southwestern salad was an excellent topping for the beef and jalapeño aioli. Corn, marinated red peppers, onions and cilantro made up the salad.

Even though the Komodo 2.0 taco was very good, our favorite was the Java taco. There was pulled pork under those veggies that was incredibly soft and tender because it had been braised in coconut cream. There was an indisputable coconut flavor, but it was mild, not overpowering.

The pulled pork was topped with a cool and fresh tomato and cucumber salad. In addition to scallions, there were little crunchy bits that were reminiscent on those french fried onions that come on a can, but much better.

(credit: NYSF)
Fish ‘N Grapes & Blazin’ Shrimp tacos (credit: NYSF)

Whenever there are fish or shrimp tacos around, we usually order them. At Komodo, they were done in a manner different from what we’re used to, but were still enjoyable.

The Fish ‘N Grapes taco had what can be described as a cod fish stick, but was one of the better fish sticks we’ve had. It was obviously fresh, not frozen.

The name of the dish was a spoiler alert, but we didn’t care. The taste of fruity grape slices went well with the breaded, mild fish.

Blazin’ Shrimp tacos gave it all away in the name too. This was the spiciest dish of the meal, with a nice burn all the way through, but not so much that you couldn’t taste the shrimp.

The Komodo Truck was as good as we had heard, but not in the expected way. NYSF readers know how much we love seafood, but our favorite tacos from Komodo were the pork rendang and the beef, not the fish and shrimp. Not that the fish and shrimp were bad, far from it, but we thought the pork and beef were much more interesting.

You can follow the Komodo food truck on twitter here and their website is here.

We had to save room for dessert, but the fries from Komodo looked pretty awesome too. Check these babies out! They have garlic fries and truffle fries, and both are sprinkled with parmesan cheese, too.

(credit: NYSF)
(credit: NYSF)