Yes, it’s brutally hot.  Sounds just about right for a NYSF First Look at the Morris Grilled Cheese Truck…because what goes better with 100 degree weather than grilled cheese!

The Morris Grilled Cheese Truck is named after the owner Michel Jacober’s great-grandfather, a Russian immigrant who drove a produce and meat truck.  Morris Grilled Cheese just hit the street last week, and they plan to feature five or six sandwiches on a rotating basis.

Mike says they will always have a classic bread and cheese, and in keeping with the season, besides 3 varieties of grilled cheese, there were 2 cold sandwiches and a cold watermelon gazpacho soup on the menu. Check out the full menu here.

For our First Look, we had a hot grilled gouda cheese with ramp butter and pork jowls ($7).  The grilled cheese sandwiches all come on sourdough bread, but the cold sandwiches were on focaccia and ciabatta.

fresh off the grill

After the sandwich was taken off the grill, Mike sprinkled a little salt on the sandwich, which are the white pieces on top in the picture above.  He doesn’t cut the sandwich in half, which keeps most of the cheese inside, but there was still a little cheese oozing out the bottom.  That’s fine with me because I like it when cheese get crispy from the grill.

I asked them to wrap it up so I could bring lunch back to the office, but Mike reminded me that grilled cheese should be eaten while it’s hot.  It’s f-ing hot out, but I went around the corner and sat on a stoop to eat lunch.  At least it was in the shade, and as advertised, the cheese was still very gooey.

What you can’t see until you start eating is the ramp butter in the sandwich.  It added a great herby flavor to the sandwich, and with the pork jowls, there was some porkiness too.  The ramp butter was in every bite of the sandwich, but there were only a few pieces of pork jowls.  They were great when I got some, but I would have liked a few more.

The gouda cheese was awesome.  It was hot and stretchy.  It stretched just enough to make it fun to eat, but no so much that it became annoying, and the taste was delicious.  Gouda has always been one of my favorite cheeses.

If you want something a little lighter and cooler in this weather, the guy in front of me got a cold sandwich of feta, zucchini, kirby cucumbers and mint on focaccia.  It looked really good when Mike was making it, but I had to get a grilled cheese for my first time at the Morris Grilled Cheese Truck.

I considered getting some of the watermelon gazpacho, which they said was made with half tomatoes and half watermelon.  I tried a taste, but I’m not a big tomato person, and decided against getting more.  If you like tomatoes, you will probably find the watermelon gazpacho tasty and refreshing, but it’s not my type of dish.

The Morris Grilled Cheese Truck is a worthy addition to the New York Street Food scene.  They use top-notch ingredients, and while the menu is not huge, there are more than enough choices, and the combinations are interesting.  We will definitely add Morris Grilled Cheese to the NYSF directory.  They are already on our Mobile Munchies twitter feed.

You can follow them on twitter here, facebook here and their website is Coming Soon here.