Mamu Thai Noodle Truck Is This Close To Reality…And You Can Help

(credit: Mamu Thai Noodle facebook)
(credit: Mamu Thai Noodle facebook)

As we first read about in Gothamist, Siwat Thitiwatana wants to bring an authentic Thai noodle truck to NYC. He already has a wrapped truck, much of his equipment, and a NYC Mobile Vending Permit.

Siwat’s family owns and operates 3 noodle shops in Bangkok, and he will be using family recipes handed down over generations on the noodle truck. He is even working at a Thai restaurant on his days off to learn as much as he can about Thai noodles.

There are only a few more weeks for this project to reach its goal on Kickstarter. Siwat has put everything he has into this truck, and only needs $11,000 more to make this a reality. As of today, he is more than 75% of the way to that goal. Maybe we can help put him over the top.

Give the guy a hand, and you will be rewarded with great food, enthusiastic high-fives, and online shout-outs. For those of you with serious cash to spare, he is even offering cooking classes and catered events.

Siwat even named the truck after his mother! What more could you want?

Below is a short video with more info, and mouth-watering shots of Thai street food.

Mamu’s twitter is here and facebook is here.



  1. What is this BS with kickstarter for a food truck for an established business (or even an unestablished one)?

    At the very least, offer 2X the menu credit for the amount donated through kickstart.

  2. Pretty sure the point is to help fund the project, not to pay for your meals in advance and get free food on top of it. 2x the amount donated? Really?


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