halal cart fire
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From the Gothamist Newswire: Three men were arrested after allegedly threatening to kill a rival halal food vendor if he didn’t find a new corner to work. Yacine Aouimer, 36, and two accomplices are accused of attacking Mohamed Ismail, 34, at knifepoint in Crotona Park in March, holding the knife to his throat and yelling, “If I see you again, I will kill you!” Police sources tell the Post they also stole $422 from Ismail’s apron pocket, then slashed a tire on his food cart for good measure.

Ismail says his troubles started after Aouimer and his cohorts set up their halal cart across the street from him in the park. Now he’s afraid for his life and his livelihood. “I’ve been going to the same corner for four years,” he tells the Post. “Everybody knows me. Everybody likes me. It was the first time [Aouimer] appeared across the street. I’m scared. I haven’t been able to sleep. I haven’t been able to work that much anymore. [Aouimer] even threatened me in the precinct.” Which is pretty gangsta.

Well, we can’t say we’re surprised; this is hardly the first time all halal has broken loose among rival vendors. Last year a halal chicken vendor allegedly cut his rival’s arm in a turf war, and the ruthless Halal Food Cart “Mafia” will make you sleep with the shellfish if you cross them. [Gothamist]

You already know what happens to street food customers who cut in line.


  1. about three poeples arrested in the bronx.
    while we try not to interupt any invistigation about this accusation of robbey by moahemd ismail.
    moahmed ismail and few partners knowns as mahalwi family , owned dozens of carts in the bronx under name of ny top dogs, controling dozens of prime location around bronx malls, defending theirs locations same way drug dealers defending their locations,
    after the accuseds(lotfi and rashid) set up food carts in same shopping malls, mohamed and his partners come to lotfi and rashid to ask them to leave becausE ny top dog carts is the the only carts allowed to sell in that area, or face serius consequances, but since they were familars with the rules and regulation , they told them to do whatever they(mohamed and his partners) want and they(lotfi and rashid) are not leaving and the public will buy from whoever feel to, .
    but never thinking mohamed and his mafia will abuse the justice system to destory their competition by making false report about robbery.
    and the second arrest been the some story, either leave the area or face acusation of robbery.
    mohamed ismail and his gang not new to this false report. false accusation, and settlement at teh end .
    that why the bond for 2nd time went to 500 dollars.
    1 degree robbey with 500 dollars bond, the report is joke, and the rest will heard on court day.
    the courts day is 24 june, and you will hear the surprise story about mohamed ismail and why the city is not doing enough to control this growing mafia of mobile food vendors who import ideology against what
    the capitalism is all about, which is competition not monopoly.
    and abusing the legal systems is just the begining for this group which will advance their technique to method will be harder to fight in the future .

  2. I don’t care about vendor’s territory fights, but I just find it suspicious that there are so many Halal trucks all over NY. I wonder if they are feeding money to terrorist causes. Like many New Yorkers I’m very sensitive since 9/11 and I’m sorry to say that certain people and their business raise flags.

  3. New York Street Food does not agree with Marcia’s comment, but it is not being deleted because we abhor censorship.

    The street vendors we’ve spoken with (and we’ve spoken with many) love this country, and know their life here is significantly better than where they came from. Street vendors work long hours for low pay, and see it as the first rung on the ladder, with their kids getting an American education and climbing up to the second rung or even higher of American society.

    One reason there are so many carts is because when a street food vendor makes some money, they often buy a 2nd (and 3rd) cart because that’s the business they know. Street vendors want what we all want – a decent place to raise their family, a chance to work hard and succeed, and a chance for their children to do better than they did.


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