3 Easy Breakfast Ideas For Slow Mornings

breakfast ideas

Searching for a few easy breakfast ideas? In this post, we discuss 3 yummy ideas to solve these slow mornings. We have all had one of those mornings where it just seems like the whole world is moving slowly. When everything seems to take forever and before you know it, you are completely out of time.

Even in those moments, it’s very important to make sure your kids still get a good, healthy breakfast to start their day off right. If you want, you can make it up to your kids by treating them to a delicious breakfast from any of the Golden Corral menu items during the weekends where you have free time. Golden Corral is a popular American restaurant chain that offers an all-you-can-eat buffet and grill. But, what can you do when there simply isn’t any extra time? Here are three ideas for quick, nutritious breakfasts for those mornings when you need all the extra time you can get.

3 Easy Breakfast Ideas You Should Try:

1. Breakfast Granola Bars

When trying to consider breakfast ideas that you can implement in a hurry, one of the better options is breakfast granola bars. Breakfast bars come in a wide range of flavors and are made of a wide variety of ingredients. But, as long as you check the ingredients to be sure they have the proper nutritional value, these can make an excellent quick breakfast in a pinch.

They are typically wrapped in individual serving packs and can easily be eaten on the go, if you need something the kids can eat on the way to school, for instance. With fairly high amounts of protein and fiber, these make for a good start that will surely help your kid throughout their entire day.

easy breakfast ideas2. Breakfast Smoothies

While a smoothie would not typically be something most would consider a breakfast item, they can actually make for a great balanced breakfast that can be drunk through a straw while you get on with the morning. With the natural sweetness of the fruit, you can also be certain that your kids will love them, too.

The nutritional value of any smoothie would depend on the ingredients you make them from, which also lets you control exactly what vitamins and nutrients you want to get more of from your breakfast. If you feel your diet needs more of any specific thing, you can adjust the recipe to meet that need. The flavor is also something you have ultimate control of when choosing which ingredients to put into your breakfast smoothie.

3. Yogurt Cup And A Side Of Fresh Fruit

Our last easy breakfast idea is a simple yogurt cup with fresh fruit. No preparation required on your part unless you slice up the fruit, making it a super simple breakfast that even a younger child could be able to get and eat by themselves. Kids tend to love their fruits and, to them, yogurt is basically soft ice cream, so it is sure to be a breakfast hit.

The one thing you have to be wary of is making sure the yogurt you are feeding them has a good nutritional balance and isn’t full of preservatives and artificial sweeteners. Some brands are essentially nothing more than soft ice cream, after all, so be careful to check the labels on any foods you eat, not just the yogurt. And if you prefer a colder version – check our post about frozen yogurt.

Hopefully, These Breakfast Tips Can Help You

When you are having one of those slow, unproductive mornings, sometimes a little help can go a long way. So, hopefully, these quick and easy breakfast ideas can be of some help to you in one of those situations. You can also find many other options online, depending on your preferences. In case you don’t like eggs or run out of them, there are many easy-to-make breakfast recipes without eggs. While these are super simple ideas, sometimes those are the easiest to overlook. Especially when the stress starts to kick in and makes it harder to think clearly. 

Next time you find yourself in a situation where you need to prepare breakfast in a hurry, give one of these ideas a try. Not only will they save you all-important time, but they are sure to be a meal your family will enjoy.