NYSF First Look: Kosher Shawarma At Grill On Wheels

(credit: NYSF)
(credit: NYSF)

Feel like Kosher Shawarma? We were tipped off to Grill On Wheels by the owner of a NYC food truck you all know, but we won’t name.

He told us Grill On Wheels just came onto the scene last week, and started parking on 46th St east of 6th Ave, where he usually parks one day a week. Even though he has been parking at this spot one day a week for over a year, Grill On Wheels refused to move.

It’s tough on the street, but there’s an unwritten honor code about taking someone else’s regular spot. Vendors need to develop their own locations, not steal parking spots from other food trucks who worked to develop them.

Hopefully this will work itself out, but yesterday, Grill On Wheels was back on 46th St east of 6th Ave, right next to Moshe’s Falafel. Considering Moshe’s Falafel and Grill On Wheels’ food are both certified kosher, Moshe’s couldn’t have been too happy with them either.

Not to reward bad behavior, but since we were there, it made sense to check out the food. It was pretty obvious they were still getting their act together.

Just after we ordered and paid for a Kosher Shawarma ($10.50) and fries ($3.50), a guy asked for his money back. He said he had a 1:30 meeting, and wouldn’t have time to eat it now, with how long it was taking.

After that, three young women got their food, but complained about how long it took, and that the fries were too overdone. Certainly not an auspicious beginning.

(credit: NYSF)
(credit: NYSF)

We must have gotten there just after the rush because our food was received in about 10 minutes, but $14 for a Kosher Shawarma sandwich and fries is way too high-priced.

shawarma spit

We decided to order the Kosher Shawarma because they had one of those roasting spits with real chicken and lamb, not the processed stuff. That’s worth a little more money, but Toum’s chicken shawarma sandwich is $7, and fries are included within the wrap.

The 10″ baguette was stuffed with a mixture of soft and crispy meat that was pretty good.

(credit: NYSF)
(credit: NYSF)

Unlike other shawarma sandwiches we’ve had, this one included eggplant, hummus, tahini, tomatoes & cucumbers. (We asked for no tomato, but ended up with no cukes either.) Pickled mango sauce was put on the baguette too.

The ingredients reminded us of Taim’s sabich sandwich, but without the hard-boiled egg. You can’t include an egg with chicken on a kosher truck. Eggs are dairy, right?

The pickled mango sauce had a curry-ish flavor and color, and livened up the meat, eggplant and other fillings. But the bites did get a little salty at times.

(credit: NYSF)
(credit: NYSF)

The fries were cooked to well done, but unlike the women earlier, that’s our preference. We did not feel the fries were overdone, but they were unsalted.

That was a bit jarring at first. Then we took out some ketchup and dipped the fries into it. At that point, the lack of salt didn’t really matter.

To summarize, the food was good and filling, but overpriced. The fries for $3.50 was of particular note. Other people ended up waiting a long time, but we got lucky and didn’t have to wait long.

As far as the rest of the menu, most main courses are in the $10 range, but it costs another $3.50 for fries. There are a few different Middle Eastern-tinged sandwiches, plus several ways to order chicken schnitzel (plain, honey bbq, buffalo sauce, etc).

We did see one scary thing on the menu:

“Sushi – Coming soon!”  That should be a trip and a half.

Grill On Wheels is on facebook here, and their website is here.

You can find Grill On Wheels on twitter here or on our Mobile Munchies twitter feed…or you can just look for them in someone else’s spot.

(credit: NYSF)
(credit: NYSF)


  1. I went to get a falafel from Moshe’s at about 1pm (6/12) but the cart wasn’t there. 3 other people were asking around for it too. I wonder if they got pushed out or just got fed up and left. In any case it doesn’t seem like a very good way for Grill On Wheels to make new friends/fans by taking over the space like that.

  2. Agreed. That’s why we’re making a point of highlighting their bad behavior. Wasn’t even sure about reviewing their food because of it.

  3. They need to get their act together or they won’t last long in the crowded streets of New York.

  4. They can park wherever they want. They can sell overpriced food. They are representing the chosen ones, you know. /scarcasm

  5. To the writer: you must work with or be bffs with the the truck that “tipped you off!” Your writing is so hateful. I am not jewish but my friend is and let me tell you that kosher food is very expensive. I checked out their prices and they are cheap compared to everyone else in NYC that offers glatt kosher meat. We sometimes buy kosher because of my friends and it is 3-4 times more than regular meat, so please check your information before writing such garbage. Comparing Taim’s sabich sandwich with Grill on WHeels sandwich because they add eggplant; I found out that that’s the way this type of food is eaten in Israel. I love this website and always enjoy to hear about new trucks and happenings in the city, but this article needs to be looked over by your superiors and changed to be corrected. Why try to ruin someone else’s business because your friend doesn’t want them sharing the same block with them? This is NYC. How many garment stores are in the garment district, or diamond stores in the diamond district, or banks in the financial center?

    -Martin Scioni

  6. There’s an honor code among street vendors not to take another vendor’s spot if they have been working the location for a while. It takes time to develop a customer base in a particular spot. Taking someone else’s spot that they have been working for a long time is tantamount to stealing.
    It’s a big city. Grill On Wheels should develop their own spots instead of trying to capitalize on someone else’s hard work.

  7. No, eggs are not dairy. Supermarkets just put them in the dairy section to keep them fresh and they’ve got to go *somewhere*.

  8. I have eaten several times at Grill on Wheels and I must say that their food is really good. They did have some issues getting it together in the very beginning, but have since improved on their wait time significantly, and their food is always great! Your review sounds as if you were having a bad day, and someone rubbed you the wrong way. Everyone is entitled to a spot on city streets, as nobody really OWN’s that right – code or no code. I’ve eaten at Moishe’s and there’s really no comparison. As for Kosher – it’s really expensive, so is the license to become kosher. If you don’t want to eat it – don’t, but don’t try to bring these people down. I really like their food and so does everyone else that goes their during the week.


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