Benefits of Living in a Big City like New York

Living in New York

There are definitely some down sides to living in a big city. A few that immediately come to mind are the constant noise, the crowds, terrible freeways and a lack of good parking, and of course it is usually more expensive to live in a big city. When you come right down to it, there are a few really good reasons to pull up stakes and hit the suburbs.

But there are also a few really good reasons to call a place like New York your home. Here are few of those reasons and if you would live in New York you may think that you can never leave after reading this.

Free Grocery Delivery

Grocery delivery in New York
Free Grocery Delivery?

Big cities have some of the best small specialty shops. They might focus on one type of food or delivering a certain type or selling the best in every type of food. There is sometimes a challenge to get access to this food because the shop is located far on the other side of town, or getting them at the right time when they have the things you want in stock to purchase is simply a matter of timing. These days there is a delivery service that can bring your favorite small shop products to your door. For instance, if you live in New York and want the best specialty shop items New York has to offer, you can call for it and have it delivered to you. If you want items from your favorite specialty shops, but don’t have the time or nerve to waste time in traffic – this grocery delivery in New York has it, and it’s really a fantastic service.

The Sports Teams

One big benefit you have when you live in a big city is the access to live sports. Sports teams are always located in larger cities where they can set up and can attract millions of fans to their high-priced live venues. This means virtually all of the major sports venues are located in big cities across the US. So if you love live professional sports, chances are you’ll need to move to a big city if you want to see them more often, and if you love live sports the big cities are definitely the right places to live.

Cultural Events

Big cities are our country’s cultural hubs. It is there where you will find the best museums, art galleries and cultural festivals.  No matter what you love to see from anthropology, to history, to different world cultures exhibited in all forms of display including arts and events, the big cities are the place to be. In fact, the US has some of the top museums in the world and all are located in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC and other big cities. In terms of art galleries, there are a plethora on each coast in places like San Francisco and Miami. Pick a big US city and you’ll find culture in abundance.

Yes, the big cities have their drawbacks, but in terms of so many things that make life wonderful, for some of us – they are the right place to live.